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December 2001

Pan Acoustics Awarded for 4th Place

Promotion Competition 2001/2002 - Awarded by Wolfsburg AG 4th prize: € 20,000 Pan Acoustics / Wireless loudspeaker systems with sound transmission by radio or mains in CD quality Ursula Piëch, patron of promotion 2002, Michaela Drüppel, Udo Borgmann (Braunschweig), Klaus Dierkes, Member of the Board of Wolfsburg AG Pan Acoustics develops high-end wireless loudspeakers for private customers and professional users. These systems do not require any wiring. This makes installation 30 to 100 percent more cost-effective. The subsequent installation in building structures as well as modifications of the systems are possible without any problems as well as the mobile use e.g. at open air concerts. Optical disturbances as well as dangers caused by cables lying on the ground are completely eliminated. In contrast to conventional wireless systems, Pan Acoustics offers the required six independent sound channels for DVD surround performances. The systems have CD sound quality and a multi-channel function. The market for wireless speakers is currently €10 million and is expected to grow six-fold to €60 million in the next few years. The acceptance of wireless connections, whose radiation exposure is 1/1000 that of a mobile phone, is likely to increase, as can be seen from the rapid sales of wireless PC mice and keyboards. The development of wireless transmission in CD quality (High Quality MPEG4) is being carried out together with a renowned German institute. A patent is pending. Pan Acoustics will create the speakers in cooperation with certified partners.