Theatres and Movie Cinemas

World-class staged entertainment


We create sound for a touchuing experience

We make your visit to the theatre or cinema a pure experience. The sound should not distract from the action or distort it. Our goal is that the sound underlines or intensifies the transported feelings.

Music and drama have always moved humans. Loudspeakers from our Pan AMT series, with their exquisite resolution in the high frequency range, provide a natural, pure and powerful sound that gets under your skin. For the low frequencies and moments of surprise, our Pan subwoofers, which are available in various sizes and in active as well as passive versions, put the necessary sound volume and beloved vibrations under your feet.


We love emotions!

Whether it's a cinema, theatre, variety show or even your own home cinema - with the right sound we can really immerse ourselves in the entertainment program.

Products from our Pan Amt series reproduce speech and vocals precisely, full-bodied and naturally. Our subwoofers round off the sound experience in the low frequency range and ensure a coherent overall package.

With their sophisticated and discreet design, the speakers blend harmoniously into any setting. There are no limitations to the color choice.