Reliable Solutions with Pan Power Core Technology

PB 04-D | PoE++

active, powerful line source with Dante and Beam Steering

PB 08-D | PoE++

active, powerful line source with Dante and Beam Steering

Pan Power Core Technology - Innovation for ISE 2023

At Integrated Systems Europe in Barcelona, Pan Acoustics will present a new, innovative technology for the energy-efficient supply of AV components in an Ethernet network. For example, the technology enables very powerful, active loudspeakers to be supplied via classic CAT cable.

Pan Power Core

The Pan Power Core technology, developed in-house by Pan Acoustics engineers, was created to generate the maximum audio experience from any IT network. Modern Ethernet networks with Power over Ethernet (PoE) are available in different power classes and can deliver constant power from 15.4 to 90 watts over a CAT cable, depending on the version. Pan Power Core technology intelligently manages the available power depending on the selected PoE class and allocates it to the loads in an energy-optimized manner. The dynamically operating Power Core also serves as an energy buffer for maximum available peak power from the PoE network.

Pan Beam now with Power Core technology!

Active Pan Beam speakers with Dante audio network have been available since 2018 as the first Beam Steering speakers ever with PoE supply. The models have now been fundamentally re-engineered and are now available with integrated Power Core technology. Pan Beam works on power classes of PoE+ and PoE++ (30, 60, 90 W). A selection of the power class is possible via the free Pan Beam configuration software. An overload of the network due to too high power consumption is excluded. An additional status LED on the back of the speaker signals the correct PoE supply. Due to the power optimized Power Core technology, a Pan Beam loudspeaker connected to PoE++ is no longer distinguishable from a full-fledged, mains-powered 230V version in terms of perceived volume. Pan Acoustics thus offers the world's most powerful and loudest PoE powered Beam Steering speaker on the market today. This unique Pan Power Core technology is available in the models PB 04-D | PoE++ as well as the PB 08-D |PoE++. Further models are in preparation.

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Dante Domain Manager (DDM) support

The active speaker solutions with Dante interface from the Pan Beam and Pan Subwoofer series are supported by the Dante Domain Manager (DDM).

By supporting the DDM function (such as stream sharing across domain boundaries, assigning access rights, monitoring), the speaker models from the above series can be used even more flexibly and securely in Dante domain environments.

Pan Subwoofer Series Dante Domain Manager