Warranty conditions

Pan Acoustics offers a 10 year warranty

The value retention and long-lasting function of our products are important to us. We stand by our products and guarantee for up to 10 years that our speakers will be free from any material or manufacturing defects.

The warranty periods and conditions are described in our warranty conditions.

Our Support

Design support

We provide support in projects from A to Z.

Special constructions

Our solutions are individual and tailor-made.

Commissioning and Setup

Perfect level and crystal clear sound thanks to many years of experience.


In-person events and webinars

Do you already know our seminar series?

In our events and online sessions we offer you the opportunity to get in touch with us. We have created a platform where you can gain detailed knowledge about our products, technologies and solutions. It is also possible to exchange thoughts and ideas. The online sessions are designed for a duration of 30 to 70 minutes and offer an overview of various topics.

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