Pan Immerse 4D Audio

Real-time audio rendering in 4 dimensions with more than 128 channels

Pan Immerse 4D Audio introduces a new multifunctional, interactive production platform. Primarily, the platform is designed for rendering and controlling audio objects, but it can also interact with other systems via various control protocols.

The centrepiece of "Pan Immerse 4D Audio" is the Pan Immerse 4D Audio Server, a 19" hardware platform, designed for the longest operating time. Depending on the configuration level, it is available in different versions to meet the various requirements from a small number of channels including playback engine to a 160x128 I/O live sound with playback engine.

In addition to classic 3D audio positions such as 7.1, a wide variety of speaker arrangements are supported for spatial audio applications with up to 128 or more speaker channels.

Pan Immerse 4D Audio can be seamlessly integrated into an existing ACS system, allowing retrofitting of already installed systems.

Specifically designed for use in systems with virtual room acoustics and object-based audio Pan Acoustics has developed the new loudspeaker series Pan Speaker CX. This new series - currently consisting of the three models P 8-CX, P 10-CX and P 12-CX - presents itself as the ideal solution for demanding audio projects that require precise sound reproduction and immersive audio experiences. With an impressive frequency range of up to 48 - 22,000 Hz and a wide symmetrical dispersion pattern, these speakers in coaxial design offer an exceptional listening experience.

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Pan Speaker

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Pan Speaker

P 10-CX

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