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Classy robe, authentic sound.

Sold on the Pan Speaker series.

The Pan Speaker Series was born out of the ambition to create a passive speaker series with the highest level of speech intelligibility and music reproduction in a perfectly formed design. This product line is characterized by its ease of use and excellent sound even in demanding applications.

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You need the right sound reinforcement solution for your project or are looking for support in choosing the right products? You don't get anywhere with off-the-shelf loudspeakers and are dependent on a special design? Would you like to learn more about our products and audio technologies?

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Pan Speaker

P 8-CX
2-way coaxial system

Pan Speaker

P 10-CX
2-way coaxial system

Pan Speaker

P 12-CX
2-way coaxial system

Pan Speaker

P 01-Pi
2-way coaxial system

Pan Speaker P 01-Pi

Pan Speaker

P 02-Pi (Ω, 100V)
2-way coaxial system

Pan Speaker P 02-Pi

Pan Speaker

P 02-RJ
2-way coaxial system, suitable for use in structured cabling

Pan Speaker

P 04-Pi (Ω, 100V)

Pan Speaker P 04-Pi

Pan Speaker

P 04-RJ
Suitable for use in structured cabling

Pan Speaker

P 08-Pi (Ω, 100V)

Pan Speaker P 08-Pi

Pan Speaker

P 8-15-Pi (Ω, 100V)

Pan Speaker P 8-15-Pi

Pan Speaker

P 6.5-CM | 100 V

Pan Speaker

P 16-Pi

Convenient, practical and chic:
Loudspeaker with RJ connection solution

Good sound reinforcement in meeting and conference rooms has never been easier

How practical: structured cabling is usually available in meeting rooms, since multimedia meetings are no longer conceivable today without the appropriate IT infrastructure. It is precisely this CAT cabling that Pan Acoustics takes advantage of by connecting the speakers directly via RJ45 to compatible PoE amplifiers as well as to any power amplifiers via an available adapter plug.

The loudspeakers with RJ option can thus be installed without the use of any tools.

RJ connection solution

Now new:
Preset release for DSP power amplifiers

Presets for Pan Speaker, Pan AMT and passive subwoofers

Pan Acoustics is making available its new EQ setting package for DSP power amplifiers for the Pan Speaker, Pan AMT and passive variants of the Pan Subwoofer models.

With the first release, the following DSP power amplifiers are supported:  Lab.Gruppen IPD 1200 and IPD 2400 as well as the Powersoft series Duecanali, Quattrocanali, Ottocanali in the DSP+D version and the Mezzo series. The EQ setting packages are available for download.

Download Presets