Creating listening experiences of unimagined purity - that is what motivates and drives us.

At our in-house test environment, we are on track of perfect sound.

Our specialists for room acoustics and electronics develop innovative sound systems with audible success.

Ideas are first born in mind. What sounds good in mind is tested under real conditions and refined to perfection. Hereby technology plays a major role. Our highest priority is a natural and pure sound experience.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Acoustic simulations proof the success of our work.

We find the right answer for every scenario.


Many years of experience in the field of complex hardware and software as well as the urge for always being one step ahead of current technology makes us who we are: Pioneers in the field of high technology audio. Together with our customers, we develop custom-made products and special solutions for an ideal sound experience.

Under a strict selection process, truly unique pieces are being hand-crafted.

Every project is unique. So is our individual solution.

No two are the same. This is also the case in practical acoustics. Different factors influence the sound and also the acoustic perception. We custom tailor not only the design of our products, but also the integrated technology.