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Convenient sound reinforcement concept in the conference room with optional RJ connection solution

Today, sound reinforcement in conference rooms is more important than ever. Connecting participants during meetings or video conferences has become a daily routine since the Corona pandemic at the latest. In order to be able to exchange ideas in a concentrated and effortless manner, a pleasant and natural reproduction of speech or music is indispensable.

As a rule, structured cabling is present in meeting rooms, since multimedia meetings are no longer conceivable today without the appropriate IT infrastructure. It is precisely this CAT cabling that Pan Acoustics makes use of by connecting the loudspeakers directly via RJ45 to compatible PoE amplifiers (e.g. Biamp Tesira AMP450-BP) as well as to any power amplifiers via an available adapter plug. The loudspeakers with RJ option can thus be installed without the use of any tools.

For conference rooms, the duo of the P 04-AMT | RJ in D'Appolito construction and the handy P S-108 | RJ design subwoofer is a promising solution. Coming from the direction of the display, the systems, equipped with a top-quality AMT tweeter unit from Mundorf, fill the entire room with brilliant sound, so that the meeting is not exhausting, even if it takes longer than planned. At the same time, the P 04-AMT | RJ can be precisely matched to the display in terms of colour and length.

The addition of the handy subwoofer is not only perfect in terms of sound, but due to the attractive and shapely housing it also blends harmoniously into the overall picture without appearing or sounding obtrusive. Particularly pleasant: the separate control of the subwoofer allows a dedicated sound processing of media sound and the speech of external conference topics. The subwoofer therefore only provides sound when it is required. The annoying "sonorous humming" that is often heard in conferences when an external speaker speaks is eliminated.

Our solutions for the use in structured cabling

P 02-RJ

P 04-RJ

P 04-AMT | RJ

P SW-108 | RJ