Outdoor Sound

We won't leave you out in the rain


Weatherproof sound for long ranges

When we go outside, we dress according to the weather. In midsummer we wear sandals, in winter we put on our hats, and when it rains, we reach for our umbrellas. In contrast, loudspeakers used in outdoor projects are exposed to the weather and temperatures with no mercy. They have to operate just as reliably at 50 °C in shade and high humidity as they have to under arctic temperatures. Rain, snow, salt water, but also dust must not harm the sensitive electronics, so they can do their job for many years.

We specialize for extreme conditions and supply our products in weatherproof and weather-resistant versions or have the right protective accessories up our sleeve.


Outsmart the weather

We offer reliable and durable products for every application. We use innovative and sophisticated technologies also in the outdoor sector. Whether airports, sports fields, amusement parks or outdoor areas of meeting places - we serve every department and ensure that intelligible announcements reach the listener, despite of ambient noise. In doing so, we amplify only the areas that need to be covered, in the interest of residents and for the protection of wildlife.

Our outdoor products are suitable for the reproduction of both speech and musical content.