Brilliant sound from old cables.

Speech-comprehensible and contemporary sound reinforcement technology, coupled with durability and ease of operation. The specialist for church sound systems from Wolfenbüttel offers all this.

New loudspeakers in monument protection

The innovative Pan 2-Line technology ensures the best speech intelligibility and high musicality - What's behind it? Insights provided by Michael Hünteler.

Mr. Hünteler, what is behind Pan 2-Line? Michael Hünteler: Pan 2-Line stands for two-wire network technology from Pan Acoustics. We make use of the existing cabling of the sound system and put the new loudspeakers on these cables. Not only are the loudspeakers supplied with voltage, but they can even be precisely aligned electronically to the audience without having to move the sound line on the wall.

What are the advantages of this solution? Michael Hünteler: " The loudspeakers simply have to be replaced at the existing position without having to pry open the wall. That's great for historic preservation. In addition, the system is extremely user-friendly and fewer loudspeakers are needed than before.

Speech intelligibility in church services is important, but what about music? Michael Hünteler: Music is also reproduced in top quality. Thanks to the clear operation, up to 5 scenarios such as Christmas (full church) and funeral services (front area) can be easily called up by the church staff.


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Sales Director DACH
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"The combination of technology, design, cost-effectiveness and the sound and naturalness of a loudspeaker are always in the focus of Pan Acoustics. For many years, the systems from the Wolfenbüttel innovation and development forge have been inspiring me, and now I can be a part of it. Developed and manufactured in Germany - this is a quality seal with which I can fully identify as Sales Director Germany!"

Less is often more: This is how sound waves behave in church

Here we see an example of typical sound reinforcement in a church: a sound line is mounted on almost every column in the nave.

This often leads to the fact that the sound overlaps and the person speaking or singing is more difficult to understand.

In order to provide speech intelligibility, the use of only two longer loudspeakers is often sufficient.

In this graphic example, two line array loudspeakers in the chancel provide sound for the entire central nave. Additional line array loudspeakers can be used for sound reinforcement of the side aisles and transepts and, if necessary, a gallery.



Sonication with line sources that direct the sound like the beam of a flashlight

Sound reinforcement systems with intelligent loudspeakers, which can delay the audio signal and adjust its sound, achieve very high speech intelligibility even in acoustically demanding rooms and ensure a solemn reproduction of music. Particularly pleasant: Since the speakers sound from the altar/choir space, the directional reference of the person speaking or singing and their visual sight also match. The voice and the perception of the direction from which it is coming thus match.

The advantages of this sound system:

  • significantly fewer loudspeakers (and thus cost savings)
  • directional reference is given
  • high speech intelligibility
  • installation without chiselling and painting work, which protects historical monuments
  • music reproduction even in acoustically challenging rooms


Further information can be found in our brochure "Sound reinforcement solutions for acoustically challenging rooms".

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Our references speak for themselves

A selection:

  • Limburg Cathedral
  • St. Stephen's Basilica Budapest, Hungary
  • Bern Cathedral, Switzerland
  • Portsmouth Cathedral, UK
  • Church of Our Lady, Munich
  • Provost Church Basilica of St. Clemens, Hanover
  • Cathedral of St. Jean Baptiste, Perpignan, France
  • St. Thomas Church, Berlin, Germany
  • St. George's Church, Singapore
  • Martinique Church, Caribbean
  • St. Boniface Church, Leipzig, Germany
  • Leicester Cathedral, UK
  • Cathedral of Magdeburg

Installation in accordance with monument protection.

The building fabric remains untouched thanks to Pan 2-Line technology

Without effort, Pan 2-Line array speakers can be installed in a manner suitable for historical monuments. For this purpose, the existing cabling can be used and the building fabric remains untouched.


Pan 2-Line technology