Emergency Communication

Evacuate with intelligibility


With Pan Evac you are on the safe side

Fire alarm in a shopping mall! A big crowd of people and a wailing alarm signal is shrilling through the aisles. What could be more important in that moment than avoiding a mass panic? Right, nothing is more crucial than evacuating in an safe and controlled manner in this situation. Line array loudspeakers from the Pan Evac series are built in compliance with technical specifications on EN 54-24 standards and guarantee crystal-clear emergency communication with maximum speech intelligibility.

A high level of speech intelligibility (STI) is very important and often defined by local standards and construction codes. Especially in acoustically demanding architecture with a lot of glass and high ceilings, it is not trivial to achieve the required values. Speech announcements must be perfectly understood despite the numerous background noises that are ubiquitous in public facilities such as shopping centers, railway stations or airports.

Our line array loudspeakers from the Pan Evac series can be integrated into certified voice alarm systems (SAA) and sound systems for emergency communication (ENS) just as easily as our active, digitally controllable line array loudspeakers from the Pan Beam series can be integrated in accordance with EN 50849 standards.

The speech reproduction is intelligible, but also natural. As a result, our products are also suitable for playing musical content.


When the going gets tough

Pan Evac Series for highest speech intelligibility

In an emergency, every second counts. Safe evacuation requires intelligible announcements.

Our EN 54-24 certified line array loudspeakers provide the required speech intelligibility even in buildings with challenging acoustics.

The slim line arrays with their elegant and unobtrusive design can be easily blended into the architecture.