Musical experience up to the last row.

Ideal for train stations, churches, mosques, airports, parliaments, conference rooms,

museums, demanding architecture, clubs


Better understand what’s going on.

Ideal for conference rooms, parliaments, sports facilities, lecture rooms, restaurants,

churches, mosques, theatres, lobbies


Word of God right
at your ears.

Ideal for monument protection, churches, parliaments, train stations, existing cabling,

museums,theatres, conference rooms

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ACS Room Acoustics

Flexible room acoustics system, variably adjustable

Pan Beam Series

Targeted sound reinforcement with Beam Steering Technology.

Pan Speaker Series

Passive line array in a perfectly shaped design.

Pan Evac Series

Line arrays for ENS/SAA Systems

Pan AMT Series

Finest detail at highest frequencies.

Pan 2-Line Series

Power supply, audio and control data via two-wire.

Pan Subwoofer Series

Powerful sound at lowest frequencies.

Pan Accessories Series

The right accessories for every purpose.

Software / Simulationsdata

Setup, design, DSP settings, GLL's

New simulation data available for download!

System definition files for the Pan AMT and Pan Subwoofer series for EASE and EASE Focus

With the new available GLL data, additional speaker models from our portfolio can now be used with EASE and EASE Focus 3. This allows a fast simulation of the direct sound distribution with EASE Focus 3 or a complex 3D modeling with EASE.

For the first time, data is also available for the new P 12-AMT line source based on the Mundorf "Air Motion Transformer" as well as for the Pan subwoofer series. Thanks to the simulation data, projects can now be designed and installed even faster and more efficiently.


Downloads Software Download GLL Pan AMT Download GLL Pan Subwoofer


Featured Products

Pan Accessories

P 261-AMT Array Bracket 20°

The P 261-AMT Array Bracket 20° allows to cluster max. two H-versions of the P 261-AMT series. The Array Bracket is made of stainless steel and has different mounting holes to mount wall or ceiling brackets.


Pan Accessories

Pedestal for P/PB xx speaker systems with base plate 450x450

The stand base for P / PB xx (max. two modules), with base plate 450 x 450 [mm] is designed to accommodate Pan Acoustics speaker systems up to a length of 1812 mm of the series Pan Beam, Pan Speaker, Pan AMT. The stand base is in the same design as the speaker. Visually, this forms a common unit and thus results in a successful symbiosis between architecture and sound.


Pan Accessories

VESA Speaker Mount VSM / VSM XL


Pan Speaker

P 01-Pi

The P 01-Pi combines compact design with aesthetics and excellent sound quality. This loudspeaker convinces not only with a balanced speech intelligibility but can also be combined with the subwoofer P SW-208 to a high-quality music system.


Pan Speaker

P 6.5-CM | 100 V

The P 6.5-CM | 100 V is a recessed ceiling loudspeaker that can be used not only for speech but also for music applications. It complements e.g. the Pan Speaker or Pan Beam systems in under-balcony applications.



P 04-AMT

Pan AMT P 04-AMT is a passive full-range line source speaker in D'Appolito design. In an appealing design it is ideally suited for speech and music applications for upscale conference and auditorium applications as well as for surround applications.



P 261-AMT | Event

Pan AMT P 261-AMT | Event is a passive full-range loudspeaker with bass reflex system in D'Appolito design. The speaker is tuned for optimal performance and perfect sound. It feels at home in live sound but also in surround applications.



P 261-AMT | Cine

The P 261-AMT | Cine is passive full-range loudspeaker that comes with a subwoofer. Due to a perfect symbiosis of woofer driver and bass reflex system combined with an AMT Mundorf tweeter unit, this speaker is perfect for surround and studio applications, but also for applications where a rich low frequency is required and no subwoofer can be placed.


PAN Acoustics

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Individual lacquering / colouring

Individual lacquering / colouring in the RAL system. Other colour systems such as RAL design, Pantone etc. are possible on request.

Individual housing length

Individual cabinet length of the speaker is possible. The enclosures of the Pan Speaker series can be customised to customer dimensions.

Analog audio inputs

Analog audio inputs with balanced signal routing

Digital audio inputs AES/EBU

Digital audio inputs support 2 x AES/EBU (AES3).

Digital Audio Network DANTE

Digital audio network DANTE incl. AES67 support. Redundant network structure with Pan Net control.

100V audio inputs

100V audio inputs with different power taps.

Pilot tone evaluation

Pilot tone evaluation for integration in SAA/ ENS systems.

Pan Net

Pan Net - Pan Acoustics' proprietary control and monitoring protocol.

General Purpose Output (GPO)

General Purpose Output (GPO) Switchable contact e.g. for status request by means of downstream media control.

Priority circuit

Priority switching - Automatic switching of the audio inputs, e.g. between program and announcement.


DC input for operation on emergency power supplies.


Weatherproofing of the loudspeakers can be achieved via protection classes IP54 or IP65 (depending on the model).


Accessories such as wall, stand and ceiling mounts, various interfaces, connection cables, weather protection hoods and connection sets are available.

Ball throwing safety

Ball throwing safety

Looks good, sounds good.

Pan Acoustics' products are defined by natural sound and appealing design.