Meeting and Conference

Consistent and high intelligibility


Pan Acoustics products achieve balanced and fine-tuned speech intelligibility

In order to hold a meeting efficiently and meaningful, great sound is essential. Not only for interaction, but also for speech intelligibility. This is the case no matter if media sound is being played or participants are connected via video conference.

Often the enclosed meeting room itself influences speech intelligibility. Walls and ceilings reflect sound, especially if they are made of hard elements such as glass or concrete. In this case it is particularly important to choose the right sound system. For this purpose, we provide you with aesthetically sophisticated speakers that can be easily integrated into all common audio networks such as AES67 and Dante with PoE.


To be connected and understood

Whether meeting spaces, conferencing areas or seminar rooms. Not only since the Corona pandemic, these are technically demanding environments.

No matter if it is made of glass or incorporates an open plan design. We will find the ideal solution for your room so you can concentrate on working rather than listening.