Sophisticated Architecture

Aesthetic sound solutions for eyes and ears


Stylish sound in a perfectly crafted design

Every design is a form of expression. Especially in architecture, this is manifold. When it comes to the question of suitable sound reinforcement, several aspects play a decisive role. Not only the sound, but also the appearance of the loudspeakers must fit exactly in order to form a harmonious overall result.

For an optimal result, we already work closely with architects during the design phase and support the development of a sound reinforcement concept. Even if it is possible to integrate a sound system afterwards, it offers many advantages to consider the architectural and technical premises during the conceptual phase. For example, it is not only the shape of the walls that influences sound, which is reflected differently depending on the inclination and nature of the wall elements. The use of sound-absorbing building materials, the preparation of cable ducts or niches for line array speakers should already be considered in the planning stage.

In the joint planning we will meet your design requirements and create an authentic sound for your room.


With style and elegance to a successful overall concept - Architecture and design in harmony

Our aesthetic standards for our products are high. Not only in terms of sound, but also in terms of visual and tactile appearance.

Already during the design phase, we consult architects and system integrators in choosing the right loudspeaker components. We also help to adapt to structural and technical conditions in order to create a successful total result for eyes and ears. We work hand in hand with designers to find individual solutions for each room.

We use only high-quality materials for the slim and elegant line array speakers that we develop and manufacture at our company location in Wolfenbüttel, Germany.