Sustainability is a top priority at Pan Acoustics

For us, sustainability is a promise for the future of our children. As a company, we see it as our responsibility to take every step in our operations with the protection of people and the environment in mind.

Our actions and efforts encompass the entire production process, from development to manufacturing to shipping of our products, as well as our dealings within our workforce, with suppliers and with service providers contracted by us.

Our goals for sustainable development are based on the United Nations (UN) Charter. As an owner-managed family business, we are committed to sustainable production, the careful/considerate use of finite resources, the generation of renewable energies - for a better future.


Our products:


Durability: Our products are designed to last a long time. We achieve this by:

  • using high-quality materials such as aluminum and steel for speaker cabinets
  • exclusive use of high quality components
  • production "Made in Germany", directly at the location in Wolfenbüttel
  • promise of 10 years warranty

Consciously developed, produced and shipped: We already consider many things during the development of our products:


  • conscious use of resources by minimizing the necessary use of components
  • precisely fitting products, assembled to the millimeter, counteract the waste of resources
  • low energy consumption of our systems
  • our systems can be easily extended by further components (hardware upgrade)
  • can be easily adapted to technical requirements by means of software updates
  • best sound reinforcement results thanks to sophisticated technologies such as Pan Beam Steering and Pan 2-Line technology, which allow the number of loudspeakers in a project to be kept to a minimum
  • reduction of noise emissions by targeted emission of acoustics through bundled sound, which is electronically controlled
  • short transport routes: materials are sourced from Germany, as regionally as possible
  • in shipping, only necessary packaging is used, which is completely recyclable - plastics are almost not used at all


No to the throwaway society: "Repair or recycle, don't throw away" is Pan Acoustics' maxim.

  • Spare parts supply: in case of a defect or wear and tear, we repair our loudspeakers. To this end, we guarantee a spare parts supply and keep spare parts on hand for at least 10 years after a product has been discontinued.
  • In the rare case that a loudspeaker can no longer be repaired, the individual components can be cleanly separated from each other and reused or disposed of in a recyclable manner in order to recycle the raw materials.


Social responsibility - employee well-being: We consider our employees as members of our Pan family, regardless of gender, age, religion, origin, sexual identity and orientation. We want our employees to be satisfied and healthy. A good work-life balance is close to our hearts. We support this in various ways:

  • Flexible working time models and working hours ranging from contracts with a few hours to full-time employment. Work assignments can be flexibly scheduled in consultation with the team and management and adapted to personal needs (e.g., when caring for a relative). In this way, family and career can be reconciled.
  • Mobile working: Thanks to a secure and stable IT infrastructure, working from home is effortless. Saved travel time frees up time and reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Continuing education and qualification: In addition to the opportunity to study while working, we offer our employees the opportunity to continue their education in the context of their work in the sense of Long Life Learning. This can include skills in the area of their employment as well as other sub-areas that are only indirectly related to the job but benefit their own well-being or society. In any form, learning new skills and increasing knowledge increases employee satisfaction and at the same time has a positive impact on the workforce.


Social responsibility - employee well-being:

  • Job bike: To give our employees the opportunity to get around by bike on their way to work and in their free time, we support this financially and offer the option of leasing a bike in cooperation with Jobrad.
  • Company health management: In cooperation with a major health insurance company, we regularly offer our employees events on physical and mental health and prevention: this includes topics such as nutrition, burnout prophylaxis, body checks and back health.
  • Company fitness: If desired, we will assume the costs of membership in a fitness studio located in the immediate vicinity of our company.
  • Compatibility of voluntary work and career: in our society, voluntary work is indispensable and particularly valuable. That is why we support our employees in organizing their working hours flexibly so that they can pursue voluntary work in the volunteer fire department or as exercise instructors in youth sports. We also make our seminar rooms available to our employees

Social responsibility - at the site: It is not only to our employees that we see ourselves as socially responsible. As an employer in the region, we also bear responsibility for successful social coexistence and a sustainable future.

  • Support for cultural events: such as the Wolfenbüttel Summertime Festival, which is organized and run by young people and young adults on a voluntary basis, as well as art exhibitions or the Youth Culture Café with sound equipment and staff.
  • Support services in the youth sports sector
  • Internships: We pass on our knowledge and take time for student interns (from 3-week student internships to one-year internships as part of the FOS). In addition, we are a partner company of the Ostfalia within the scope of the dual studies in the practical alliance.
  • Events such as "Zukunftstag" (Day for vocational orientation in companies or other institutions for pupils)
  • Conveying values: lectures on morals and ethics in the company for pupils and students.

Corporate responsibility: Pan Acoustics, as a family-owned company managed by its founder, is committed to responsible corporate governance. The following aspects should be emphasized here:

  • Moderate growth: profits generated by the company are invested in recruiting new personnel.
  • Fair supply chains: Pan Acoustics allows reasonable margins to counteract dumping prices and wages.
  • Ethical and moral principles: Requests for armament projects or similar are categorically rejected and refused. Our corporate principles oppose corruption and bribery (see also our Code of Conduct).
  • Digitization in all areas: As a company named a "Digital Landmark of Lower Saxony," we continue to strive to steadily advance the digitization of all processes.




Our company building: modern, energy-efficient, flexible

  • New energy-efficient building in 2020
  • Efficient workplace design: Employees are able to dial into the intranet at any workstation. In combination with the mobile work management system, as many workstations as necessary are available and vacancies are avoided
  • Barrier-free: thanks to the elevator and barrier-free sanitary facilities, we also offer physically impaired people a workplace if they have the appropriate qualifications
  • Social rooms: each floor is equipped with a built-in kitchen and offers employees enough space to eat fresh and wholesome food even in the office and to retreat if necessary
  • Concrete core activation of the floor for heating in winter and cooling in summer
  • use of LED lighting
  • Intelligent, sensor-controlled climate control system
  • Heat pumps powered by photovoltaics to increase energy efficiency