Education and congresses

Smart solutions for students and for political professionals


Perfect listening and understanding from the first to the last row

Lecture and plenary halls both hold many people. Speech intelligibility must be consistent from the first to the last row so that every member of the audience can follow the lecture or debate effortlessly.

From a room acoustics point of view, these wide rooms with hard, reflective surfaces and high ceilings present a number of challenges. Line array loudspeakers from the Pan Beam series are powerful and can be precisely adjusted to the auditorium. This is done conveniently and intuitively via the user-friendly software.


Listening and understanding - Pan line-arrays guarantee best speech intelligibility in universities and plenary sessions

Learning and debating require utmost attention and concentration. If we strain to listen, we tend to digress and lose focus on what is being said.

Our solutions in the field of education and congress create a consistent, reliable speech intelligibility and natural sound, regardless of where you are sitting in the room.