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IN ACOUSTICALLY challengING ENVIRONMENTS. Benefit from the innovative
developments of The legendary PAN technologies from our german -
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In the field of live music, but also for presentations or in theatre and cinema applications, low frequency support makes the event a real experience. When your stomach tingles and your feet vibrate, you're in the middle of the incident.

Our Pan Subwoofer series offers the right product for your project.

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You need the right sound reinforcement solution for your project or are looking for support in choosing the right products? You don't get anywhere with off-the-shelf loudspeakers and are dependent on a special design? Would you like to learn more about our products and audio technologies?

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Pan Subwoofer

P SW-108 | RJ [passiv]

Pan Subwoofer

P SW-208 | SP [active]

Pan Subwoofer

P SW-208 [passive]

Pan Subwoofer

P SW-112 | SP [active]

P SW-112

Pan Subwoofer

P SW-112 [passive]

P SW-112

Pan Subwoofer

P SW-118 | SP [active]

Pan Subwoofer

P SW-118 [passive]

Pan Acoustics supports Dante Domain Manager (DDM)

With a new firmware update for the Dante interface of the active loudspeaker models from the Pan Beam and Pan Subwoofer series, the Dante Domain Manager (DDM) is supported.

By supporting the DDM function (such as stream sharing across domain boundaries, assigning access rights, monitoring), the speaker models from the Pan Beam and Pan Subwoofer series can be used even more flexibly in Dante domain environments.

Pan Beam series Dante Domain Manager