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In our events and online sessions we offer you the opportunity to get in touch with us. We have created a platform where you can gain detailed knowledge about our products, technologies and solutions. It is also possible to exchange thoughts and ideas. The online sessions are designed for a duration of 30 to 70 minutes and offer an overview of various topics.

In the overview below you will find the sessions offered and further information as well as a registration link.

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Places on a webinar will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Your registration will be confirmed by e-mail.



Pan Acoustics - Reliable Solutions for Natural Audio

…with Johannes Kampert – Head of Global Sales

In around 75 minutes you will get an overview over the current Pan Acoustics portfolio and how the systems can be used in projects. Design tips will be given and dedicated questions can be asked. The webinar is ideal for new Pan Acoustic users and for existing partners who want to get an update on recently released systems.


Day Date Time
Tuesday 23.05.2023 09:00

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Perfect acoustics at the push of a button - An introduction to ACS

…with At van den Heuvel - Technical Director at ACS

In this webinar we will discuss variable acoustics by ACS, its backgrounds, what it does and how it can be applied. We will show examples of sometimes prestigious venues using ACS and explain how ACS may also be a great added value to your theatre, church, auditorium, or other type of room.

Dates per request.

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Beam Steering Loudspeaker - System Design

…with Johannes Kampert – Head of Global Sales

The 60 minute webinar will focus on the design and simulation of audio systems using Pan Beam steered arrays. Learn how the systems work together and get important information on the implementation of the systems. Design tips for integration in acoustic simulations will be given. The webinar is ideal for system designers and new integration partners.

Dates per request.

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Beam Steering solutions for listed buildings (ENG)

…with Johannes Kampert – Head of Global Sales

In a 60 minute session we will give an overview over our Pan Beam systems including Pan 2-Line technology that allows the installation of active beam steered technology via simple and exisiting 2-wire technology. The webinar is suited for system designers and project managers. 

Dates per request.

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Personal contact

Are you currently working on a project and need help with our products and system solutions?

Our support team will be happy to assist you. Be it assistance in simulation, system questions about our product series, multi-beam steering technology or in interaction with other A/V components.

Send us an e-mail or call us at +49 5331 900 95 70