Monument Protection

Preserve the good, renew the old


Fresh sound in historic buildings

Historic buildings have their very own charm and are often listed in order to preserve them as cultural heritage.

Renovating or modernizing the technology in listed buildings, but leaving the existing building untouched, is usually a major challenge. However, this does not have to be the case! Pan Acoustics is an expert in the installation of modern sound systems for listed buildings.

New sound despite preservation order - ee update your sound system with respect to monument protection

Möchten Sie die Beschallungsanlage in einem historischen Gebäude erneuern, erweitern oder gar ganz neu installieren? Die

Would you like to renew, expand or even completely reinstall the sound system in a historic building? But the structural specifications do not allow you to make any changes to the building fabric? The loudspeakers must also not be consciously visible, but should blend inconspicuously and harmoniously into the interior?

With us you will find the suitable solution!

Thanks to the specially developed Pan 2-Line technology, it is possible to continue using the existing wiring of the previous sound system. It is not necessary to open walls. Thus, in no time, a conventional, passive 100-volt system can be transformed into a technically state-of-the-art, active sound reinforcement solution, which, with Beam Steering, makes it possible to adjust the sound as desired.

In addition, we offer you products for a mobile sound reinforcement, which you can use permanently or flexibly for special occasions.

For visual integration we offer you our discreet, slim line array in your desired color and in special dimensions.