Church Corpus Christi, Berlin

Pan 2-Line in Leipzig's St. Boniface Church


Successful acoustics in the dome building

Challenging acoustic conditions and monument protection - two things that seem difficult to reconcile when it comes to renewing the sound system in a church. This is especially true when talking about a round building with a domed ceiling, as in this case.

Nevertheless, the Leipzig parish church, which dates back to 1929, reached maximum speech intelligibility by installing active loudspeakers from the Pan Beam series with Pan 2-Line technology. Due to the directional sound produced by the Beam Steering Technology, the "Word of God" arrives exactly where it is supposed to - regardless of whether listeners are positioned in a front row, to the side or in the very back. Unwanted reflections and disturbing reverberation are being reduced to a minimum.

The special feature: Pan 2-Line technology defies heritage restrictions and limited options for new cable runs. The cabling of the two existing loudspeaker columns could be re-used and the Pan P2L line array speakers could be effortlessly integrated using the same wires.

Church of Corpus Christi in Berlin with view from behind through the nave towards the altar.

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