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The loudspeakers from the Pan EVAC series were tested and certified by VdS according to EN 54-24. After an additional product/factory audit at Pan Acoustics, the Pan EVAC EN 54 series was additionally awarded the VdS seal of approval.

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Intelligible and safe emergency communication.

Every word counts in an emergency.

With the Pan Evac series, we offer products that can be seamlessly integrated into paging systems and into all common emergency notification systems (ENS). Line array speakers in two different sizes are available to you. The passive 100 volt loudspeakers consist of a robust aluminum housing and are also suitable for use in covered outdoor applications.

A charming fact about our line array loudspeakers: they are not only suitable for voice announcements in an emergency, but they are also extremely musical. Background music can be conveniently played back in outstanding quality. This can for example be ideal in a shopping mall scenario.

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Any color is possible.

To ensure that the new sound system fits harmoniously and inconspicuously into the room concept, our products are available in any desired colour.