Houses of Worship

Listen devoutly and understand every word


Our solutions integrate semlessly into landmarked buidlings and provide a clear sound despite acoustic reverberation

Houses of worship such as churches or mosques are particularly challenging when it comes to finding the right sound reinforcement solution. The often tall and long buildings cause reverberation and severe echo overlapping of spoken words. This is especially an issue to older visitors who may have difficulties with their hearing. In addition, it is usually necessary to comply with the requirements of the protection of historical monuments.

What particularly motivates us in projects at houses of worship are the different requirements. For example, in churches people not only speak during services, but also sing. With our solutions the sound remains clear and understandable and at the same time stays natural and authentic. In mosques, sound systems often need to cover various zones including indoor plus outdoor spaces such as courtyards or forecourts; often over large distances.


Clear and devotional

Our line array speakers are the best choice in sacred buildings: they ensure maximum speech intelligibility, but also demonstrate their musical soul. We also carry appropriate speakers in our portfolio for services where pop music is being played and high output levels might be required.

To ensure that the new sound system blends perfect and unobtrusive into the room concept, our products are available in any desired color.


Doing more with less

Best results through the focused use of line array speakers

With the help of the Beam Steering technology, which is hidden in our Pan Beam line array, the sound is ideally adjusted to the spatial conditions. Presets for different scenarios offer a simple and flexible use. At the push of a button, the gallery or certain rooms can be covered and included into the sounded areas.


Installation in accordance with monument protection

The building fabric remains untouched thanks to Pan 2-Line technology

Without effort, Pan 2-Line array speakers can be installed in a manner suitable for historical monuments. For this purpose, the existing cabling can be used and the building fabric remains untouched.

Pan 2-Line technology