St.-Thomas-Kirche, Berlin

Existing cables continued to be used in Kreuzberg's St. Thomas Church


In Kreuzbergs St.-Thomas-Kirche wurden die vorhandenen Kabel weiter genutzt

St. Thomas Church was designed and built between 1865 and 1869 by Friedrich Adler. After the Berlin Cathedral, it is the largest church in Berlin, which is particularly striking because of its dome with a height of 56 meters as well as the two 48 meter high towers. The interior of St. Thomas has high ceilings and long reverberation times. The wish of the church congregation was to get a sound system that offers flexibility and perfect speech and music reproduction and can be used for various applications such as prayers or lectures.

As part of this, the church was equipped with a Pan 2-Line system, using the existing 100V cable system for the new main sound system. The side aisle has a new cable system on a two-wire basis, which can be used to supply power to further Pan 2-Line line arrays.

St. Thomas Church Berlin with Pan 2-Line
St. Thomas Church Berlin with Pan 2-Line
In the interior of the St. Thomas Church in Berlin Kreuzberg, new, active line array speakers with beam steering technology were placed on top of the wiring of the old speakers using Pan 2-Line technology in order to achieve the best possible speech intelligibility and to preserve and not damage the building fabric in terms of monument protection.

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