Flexible Solutions
for Natural Audio

What do we mean by flexible solutions?

At Pan Acoustics we not only develop, manufacture and distribute sustainable products. Together with our project partners, we develop sound reinforcement concepts that are tailored to the needs of the customer. Our focus is on the loudspeaker. From our product portfolio, we can draw on a wide range of solutions. From simple, passive loudspeakers from the Pan Speaker Series to high-performance loudspeakers from the Pan AMT Series to active loudspeaker systems from the Pan Beam, Pan 2-Line and Pan Subwoofer Series.

Suitable connectivity? No question: line input, 100 volt, digital - we offer different connection types and power classes.

Protection class for outdoor use? Our speakers are available in IP54 and IP65, depending on the model.

Special color? Nothing easier than that!

Custom length? We are happy to manufacture the speaker in the precise length to the millimeter!


The media campaign "FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS" is currently running, accompanied by the claim #makeprojectseasier. Sounds good, but what does it mean?

Sebastian Oeynhausen, Product Manager at Pan Acoustics, explains.


Mr. Oeynhausen, what's the deal with flexible solutions and the claim?

Sebastian Oeynhausen: These are two quite strong terms, I will try to explain them briefly. Let's start with the term "FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS." At Pan Acoustics, we have a broad product portfolio. From passive to active loudspeakers and for the latter from analog to digital, it's all there.


It is obvious that active loudspeakers have a certain flexibility. But what are the characteristics of Pan Acoustics passive loudspeakers?

Sebastian Oeynhausen: We offer the passive loudspeakers in different power classes, in low impedance and in 100 volt technology. We are especially proud of our AMT Series and of our powerful, EN 54-24 certified loudspeakers from the Pan EVAC Series with their power of up to 125 watts and passive beam steering.

Pan AMT Series Pan EVAC Series

Flexible application areas

And where are these speakers used?

Sebastian Oeynhausen: The loudspeakers - whether passive or active - are used in various applications. Be it outdoor in the IP65 version or indoor in conference- or lecture halls up to churches/mosques.


What about guidelines or standards such as EN 54-24?

Sebastian Oeynhausen: We have certification according to EN 54-24 Type B for our Pan EVAC series. The active loudspeakers with Beam Steering can be used according to DIN EN 50849. In the project business, we always find solutions when necessary.


What about architectural requirements?

Sebastian Oeynhausen: Here, too, we are flexible and unbureaucratic. If a special mount is needed, we also have options here to support in the project business. About the length option with our speakers, we can adjust the housing length to the millimeter, as well as the color also, according to customer requirements.


One question at the end, can the existing cabling, e.g. old loudspeaker cables, be used if a modernization with active line source speakers is to be implemented?

Sebastian Oeynhausen: We have the appropriate transmission technology, Pan 2-Line. This is a separate product series that builds on the base of the Pan Beam series. Via the Pan 2-Line technology we can transmit audio signals, control signals and also the supply voltage via the existing two-wire cabling.

Finally, I would like to mention our RJ solution for passive loudspeaker solutions. Here, the existing cabling (network lines) can also be used.

Thanks for the overview, about the flexibility behind the products. The claim #makeprojectseasier aptly sums it up!

Loudspeaker with RJ connection solution - it doesn't get more flexible than this!

With CAT to the speaker, a dream for every modern conference and meeting room! Pan Acoustics also offers this with the connection variant with "RJ" for fast, tool-free cabling. Regular CAT cables from the IT infrastructure thus become speaker cables. Instead of the classic screw terminal connectors, the new "RJ option" allows the loudspeakers to be connected directly via RJ45 to compatible PoE amplifiers (e.g. Biamp Tesira AMP450-BP) as well as to any power amplifier via an available adapter plug.

The advantages are obvious: tool-free end-to-end cabling all the way to the loudspeaker via CAT as well as the use of a structured IT cable infrastructure that is available everywhere.

Learn more here: RJ Solutions


Any colour is possible.

To ensure that the new sound system blends harmoniously and inconspicuously into the room concept, our products are available in any desired color.

Installation in accordance with monument protection.

The building fabric remains untouched thanks to Pan 2-Line technology

Without effort, Pan 2-Line array speakers can be installed in a manner suitable for historical monuments. For this purpose, the existing cabling can be used and the building fabric remains untouched.


Pan 2-Line technology

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