All our efforts have only one goal:
best hearing.

Image of a grounded aircraft with part of the airport building at Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport.

September 2009

Installation Paris Airport

Several PB 16 and PB 08 with ambient noise microphones ensure flawless announcements and volume levels in the announcement that are adapted to the flow of visitors. Especially at night, the muffled environment is taken into account and thus contributes to noise health.

Dummies im Flugzeug beim DLR Göttingen in einem Forschungsprojekt zur Simulation von Akustik

September 2009

110-Channel Digital Audio Multi DSP System

Pan Acoustics develops and manufactures in cooperation with DLR in Göttingen an acoustic simulator for real-time simulation and stress testing for passengers and pilots. The simulator consists of a 110-channel audio multi-DSP platform and corresponding power amplifiers and high-power drivers to simulate authentic flight sounds in the cabin of a DO 728.

June 2009

Automotive development

Development of the audio player, hiir player, incl. transfer to series production for the automotive sector