All our efforts have only one goal:
best hearing.

The Parliament building of Angola from the outside at night.

November 2015

Pan Beam systems in the Parliament of Angola

The Parliament of Angola, called the National Assembly, represents all the citizens of Angola alongside the President and the Courts in the Constitution of the Central African State. The National Assembly is a unicameral parliament and comprises 220 deputies. The 2010 constitution includes the principle of separation of powers.

The construction of the parliament building in Luanda, which began in 2010, was completed in 2014 and is particularly notable for its massive domed roof. The central building is 65,000 square meters and includes the circular central building, which houses the plenary chamber and the assembly hall. The building has six floors, two of which are underground, housing parking and technical equipment.

First-class speech and sound quality is provided by the installed Pan Beam series sound lines, which direct the sound to where it is needed. The speakers were conveniently and easily adjusted using the intuitive "Pan Beam Setup" software supplied.

July 2015

Pan Acoustics appointed Atempo as new distributor in Turkey

At ISE 2015 in Amsterdam, Atempo from Ankara was appointed by Pan Acoustics as distributor for the Pan Beam, Pan Speaker and Pan Powerline product series in Turkey. Volkan Konuralp, Managing Director of Atempo, on the decision; "Our thought was to include products with the best possible performance combined with easy intiutive operation in the portfolio to achieve very good results in sound reinforcement projects without much programming experience. With Pan Acoustics' products, that's exactly what we found."

In addition, Stempo is pleased to have Pan Acoustics as a partner that maintains open communication with its distributors, which is very important to us as our culture is not always easy. The International Sales of Pan Acoustics gives the Turkish distributor a good feeling in terms of support and they are sure that together they will be successful.

Atempo employee and Pan Acoustics Senior International Sales, Jan Leerschool, at ISE in Amsterdam in 2015.
Two red Pan Beam line arrays in column design with Dante function. Dante spoken here. Input option for Pan Beam Series.

February 2015

Dante Running Inside

At ISE 2015, Pan Acoustics introduced a new option for the Pan Beam series, DANTE. With the Dante option, Pan Beams can be integrated into the Dante digital audio network in the future. DANTE is developed by Audinate Ltd. and allows a wide range of audio data up to 192 kHz sample rate to be transmitted over an IP-based network. Pan Acoustics' Dante option uses Audinate's Brocklyn II module, which supports sample rates up to 192 kHz and various operating modes (switch and redundancy). The active line speakers with beamsteering technology can be set up and operated in real time via the Pan Beam Setup program using the DANTE network.