All our efforts have only one goal:
best hearing.

A woman in a black bikini lies in a bathtub in a luxury hotel filled with salt water and enjoys music thanks to Pan Acoustics' underwater acoustics.

December 2003

Sound system for underwater acoustics

Pan Acoustics presents a system solution in the application area of underwater acoustics. The system is used for the first time in the wellness area of the SAS-Radisson in Vienna.

Logo of the Fraunhofer Institute

June 2003

Cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute

A cooperation in the field of digital audio technology for research and development is established with the Fraunhofer Institute.

Logo of Pan Acoustics GmbH, blue picture-word mark on white background

May 2003

Pan Acoustics trades under "GmbH"

Pan Acoustics becomes Pan Acoustics GmbH.

February 2003

Development of synchronized Digial Audio radio link

Pan Acoustics develops the world's first multi-channel synchronized digital audio radio link.