All our efforts have only one goal:
best hearing.

CEO of Pan Acoustics and the team from Girhoma, Ideal for Information Systems and Communication Technologies LLC, the exclusive Jordanian distributor of Pan Acoustics, at ISE 2019.

July 2019

Girhoma new distribution partner in Jordan

Distributor Girhoma, Ideal for Information Systems and Communication Technologies LLC, is the new exclusive distributor of Pan Acoustics in Jordan. The Pan Beam, Pan Speaker and Pan Powerline product ranges provide an excellent solution for speech and music to ensure optimum sound quality even in challenging environments such as reverberant rooms. This is because Pan Beam and Pan Powerline speakers are able to control sound with extreme flexibility, provide near-constant and precise signal alignment, and achieve consistent and high sound levels everywhere. Hanna Zananiri, General Manager of Girhoma, explained why Pan Acoustics was chosen: "We evaluated all the major brands that offer column speakers and found that Pan Acoustics' products are of the highest quality and best suited for special requirements such as high temperatures in our region. Not only did we look for a company that specialized in digitally controllable products, but also offered sleek, passive speakers with leading technology and the features the market needed. Ultimately, we wanted outstanding performance combined with a simple, intuitive system design so the installer doesn't have to be a programming expert to get great results. In Pan Acoustics, we found just that," Zananiri continued, "but we also found open-minded communication, which is necessary in our culture but not always easy. Pan Acoustics' sales staff made us feel comfortable and eager to help us continue our company's success with their comprehensive product line." Jan Leerschool, International Sales Manager of Pan Acoustics, commented, "We discussed it for a long time to find the right partnership for the region, but after experiencing the technical resources and strong portfolio of synergistic brands combined with excellent relationships with key integrators and consultants, we are pleased to have finally found the perfect Pan Acoustics distributor for Jordan! We are confident that we will see good sales in the Jordanian market."

Team of the Jordanian distributor Parliament Hall of Jordan, in the background a line array speaker in column design with Beam Steering technology.

January 2019

Pan Acoustics provides speech intelligibility in the Parliament of Jordan

The Parliament of Jordan meets in Amman and comprises 150 members.

In order to maintain consistently good speech intelligibility in the parliament building, active, digitally controllable line array loudspeakers with beam steering technology from Pan Acoustics were used.

The acoustics in the circular parliament building were particularly challenging, partly because of the highly reverberant walls, which caused long reverberation times and diffuse sound. The almost two-and-a-half-metre long and narrow line array loudspeakers compensate for this by adjusting the DSP settings. With the help of intelligent electronics in the loudspeakers, the sound can be conveniently and precisely aligned and adjusted via Pan Acoustics' "Pan Beam Setup" software. The multi-beaming function was thus able to easily compensate for the fact that there is a height difference of four meters between the lowest and the highest place.