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Enjoy a consistent, high-quality listening experience in every single seat in the concert hall or theatre. With the Pan Beam series, you will understand all important announcements in train stations, airports, museums or at conferences.

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Pan Beam PB 16 Pan Beam PB 16 Beam Steering loudspeaker Pan Beam PB 16

Pan Beam

PB 16 (Analog, AES, Dante, 100V)


Churches, mosques, museums, live sound reinforcement, train stations, airports, sports facilities, parliaments, conference rooms, lecture halls, shopping centers, audio/video presentation rooms

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The Pan Beam PB 16 is a compact, active, digitally controllable line source loudspeaker with Beam Steering technology in an attractive design, developed for high-quality speech and music transmissions. The PB 16 features Pan Audio DSP and network functionalities such as Pan Net, AES/EBU and Dante. The PB 16 can generate four beams, allowing for targeted sound reinforcement. The beams can be modified using various optimizers (max. SPL, SPL min. sidelobes, min. sidelobes). With the help of digital signal processing, the vertical beam angle and the tilt angle can be precisely aligned to the area to be sounded.

Technical data

configuration: digitally controllable line source
Frequency range: 70 Hz - 18 kHz
Drivers: 16 x 3.5" HQ
SPL: 131 dB SPL* @ 1 m (calc.) | 97 dB SPL @ 25 m
Typical Range: 35 m
Dimensions (H x W x D): 1812 x 107 x 118 [mm]


Suitable accessories

Pan Accessories

Stand holder II, PB xx, stainless steel

Stativhalter P/PB xx

Pan Accessories

Wall mount fix

Wandhalterung starr

Pan Accessories

Wall bracket, TWM II

Wandhalterung TWM II

Pan Accessories

Wall bracket, horizontally rotatable (TWM III)
for P/PB xx speaker systems

Wandhalterung, TWM III

Pan Accessories

Pan Con (blue)
Pan Net Interface

Pan Con (blue)

Pan Accessories

Pan Splitter 4/4
Pan Net Interface

Pan Splitter 4/4

Pan Accessories

Pan Splitter 2/6
Pan Net Interface

Pan Splitter 2/6

Pan Accessories

Dante Interface - Pan Net

PAN Acoustics

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Individual lacquering / colouring

Individual lacquering / colouring in the RAL system. Other colour systems such as RAL design, Pantone etc. are possible on request.

Individual housing length

Individual cabinet length of the speaker is possible. The enclosures of the Pan Speaker series can be customised to customer dimensions.

Analog audio inputs

Analog audio inputs with balanced signal routing

Digital audio inputs AES/EBU

Digital audio input: supports 2 x AES/EBU (AES3) and 1 x anlaog audio (failover function)

Digital Audio Network DANTE

Digital audio network DANTE incl. AES67 support. Supports redundant network structure with Pan Net control and 1 x analogue audio (failover function).


100V audio inputs

100V audio inputs with different power taps.

Pilot tone evaluation

Pilot tone evaluation for integration in SAA/ ENS systems.

Pan Net

Pan Net - Pan Acoustics' proprietary control and monitoring protocol.

General Purpose Output (GPO)

General Purpose Output (GPO) Switchable contact e.g. for status request by means of downstream media control.

Priority circuit

Priority switching - Automatic switching of the audio inputs, e.g. between program and announcement.


DC input for operation on emergency power supplies.


Weatherproofing of the loudspeakers can be achieved via protection classes IP54 or IP65 (depending on the model).


Accessories such as wall, stand and ceiling mounts, various interfaces, connection cables, weather protection hoods and connection sets are available.

Ball throwing safety

Ball throwing safety

Looks good, sounds good.

Pan Acoustics' products are defined by natural sound and appealing design.

Pan Acoustics supports Dante Domain Manager (DDM)

With a new firmware update for the Dante interface of the active loudspeaker models from the Pan Beam and Pan Subwoofer series, the Dante Domain Manager (DDM) is supported.

By supporting the DDM function (such as stream sharing across domain boundaries, assigning access rights, monitoring), the speaker models from the Pan Beam and Pan Subwoofer series can be used even more flexibly in Dante domain environments.

Pan Subwoofer series Dante Domain Manager

We aim for the best listening experience.

Ideal for train stations, churches, lecture halls

PAN BEAM Steering Technology

Years of research resulted in our unique Pan Beam Steering technology. For more than 20 years, we have been engaged in basic acoustic research and have incorporated this knowledge into our products. We can precisely adjust the sound propagation of our digitally steerable Pan Beam loudspeakers, comparable to a variable flashlight beam. As a result, we can significantly improve the perceived acoustics in rooms with long reverberation times.

With our Beam Steering solutions, we create remarkable speech intelligibility even in acoustically critical situations, something that cannot be achieved with traditional loudspeakers. We steer the sound directly to the auditorium, using only electronic methods and intelligent software, without the need to mechanically tilt the speaker or changing its position.