Each application requires a unique solution. We offer the right answer to every project! Through our expertise, many years of experience, but also passion for great sound, we implement your project with a perfect result.

ACS Room Acoustics.

Flexible room acoustics system.

Variably adjustable.

Houses of Worship.

Listen devoutly and understand every word.

Our solutions integrate seamlessly into landmarked buildings and provide a clear sound despite acoustic reverberation.

Meeting and Conference.

Consistent and high intelligibility.

Pan Acoustics products achieve balanced and
fine-tuned speech intelligibility.

Emergency Communication.

When the going gets tough.

Our EN 54-24 certified line sources guarantee clear
and intelligible announcements.

Challenging Acoustics.

Focus on the space.

With expertise and technology
to a perfect sound experience.

Outdoor Sound.

We won’t leave you
out in the rain.

Weatherproof sound for long ranges.

Monument Protection.

Preserve the good,
renew the old.

Fresh sound in historic buildings.

Sophisticated Architecture.

Aparte elegance.

Stylish sound in a perfectly crafted design.

Theatres and
Movie Cinemas.

World-class staged entertainment.

We create sound for a touching experience.

Education and Congresses.

Smart solutions for students and for political professionals.

Perfect listening and understanding from the first to the last row.