Pan Acoustics



The Pan Powerline technology is a technology for transmitting audio, control data and power supply. The transmission occurs via a 2-wire system. such a system may be for example a classic passive speaker's wiring or a 100V installation.

These types of wiring are used primarily in churches, conference rooms or other audio installations. They can be realized with little effort.

Now, if instead of passive or 100V-loudspeakers an active speaker is used, then it is necessary to lay cables for audio transmission, power supply and eventually a control signal line. In existing systems, this would mean to lay additional cables and for new systems it means more effort.

To minimize costs and effort, the Pan Powerline technology has been developed.


The Pan Powerline technology is an option for the products from the Pan Beam series.

The Pan Beam series includes active column speakers with beam steering technology. This speakers ensure a high speech intelligibility as well as a flawless music illustration. Pan Beam speakers in combination with Pan Powerline technology is a valuable, reliable, problem-solving and a sustainable partner for diverse sound reinforcement applications.

The Pan Powerline technology is easy to use and can easily be installed:


A Pan Powerline technology consists of three components:

  • a Central Contol Unit
  • 2-wire system
  • Pan Beam speakers with Powerline option

Central Control Unit (CCU)

The CCU is the core of the system. It delivers power, audio and control data into 2-wire system. The CCU can supply up to 4 Powerline systems. Each line has its own audio signal. Via a USB port, the software -PanBeamSetup- can be used for configuring the connected Powerline-speakers. Switching the stored presets in the Powerline system is possible over a selector switch or control command through a media control.

2-wire system

For a Powerline-installation, existing 2-wire system e.g. 100V or loudspeakers' cables or existing microphone' cables can be used.


The Powerline technology is an option for the active beam steering speakers from the Pan Beam series. The Pan Beam loudspeakers  are characterized by their elegant and stylish housing, an excellent audio quality, and adjustable vertical dispersion. Due to the bundling of sound, this may be exact focussed on the listeners' area. This reduces the acoustic excitation of the room. The result is a perfect audio transmission, a flawless speech intelligibility and music reproduction.


Many applications are suitable for the Pan Powerline system. Wherever new cables cannot be installed, but new technology is needed, this can be implemented with the Pan Powerline technology. The Pan Powerline can also be used for installations such as stand constructions, temporary audio installations or in the exhibitions' area.

Other applications include:

Museums, exhibitions, AV-media installations, modifications in historic buildings, cruise ships, outdoor istallations, railway stations, sport facilities, modification of existing 100V installations