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PB 07
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Houses of worship, museums, live PA, train stations, airports, sports facilities, legislative buildings, conference rooms, lecture halls, shopping centers, A/V presentation rooms

The Pan Beam PB 07 slim-line column speaker in an appealing design that was developed for high-quality voice applications. The PB 07 can generate a highly directed sound beam which can be modified using various optimizers (max. SPL, SPL + min. sidelobes, min. sidelobes). The speakers are operated via user-friendly Windows software and connected to the computer via an RS 485 network or DANTE. Digital signal processing can be used to enter and control the vertical and tilt angle, volume, sound and delay times.

The Pan Beam PB 07 is equipped with seven specially manufactured 2.1" drivers, DSP modules and four digital amplifiers with a power of up to 50 watts each. A single Pan Beam PB 07 can cover a listening area of up to 15 meters, with speech intelligibility and sound pressure remaining constant over the entire distance. The Pan Beam series can be integrated into voice alarm / electroacoustic emergency warning systems according to EN 50849.


High efficiency, integrated protection circuits, high speech intelligibility even in acoustically demanding environments, sleek and unobtrusive design, remote monitoring, two audio inputs


  • Adjustment of vertical radiation (Beam width / tilt angle)
  • 5-band parametric equalizer
  • Volume control
  • Internal delay up to 370 ms
  • Connection to media controller possible
  • Two independent line inputs with automatic priority switching
  • Integration into voice alarm systems according to EN 50849

A wide range of mounting accessories is available for fixed installation and mobile use of the Pan Beam series.

Starting from the Pan Beam PB 08 or PB 15, the Pan Beam units can be cascaded in order to improve the lower limit frequency, the sound pressure and the range.

All Pan Beam loudspeakers are designed, developed and manufactured in Germany by Pan Acoustics according to strict criteria and with high-quality materials.

Pan Beam

Areas of applications | Pan Beam Family | Pan Beam Network | Pan Beam Background | The Difference

The Pan Beam series is designed for challenging and difficult acoustic environments

With the products from our Pan Beam series, the sound volume can be kept approximately constant and flexible, enabling the speaker output to be targeted with precision towards the require audience, in large areas. This pleasant attribute means firstly that there is no unpleasant sound pressure coming from the speaker even very close of it. Secondly, the speaker still provides a great even natural sound quality in large distances.

The pan Beam products are defined by:

  • Perfect design
  • Innovative technology
  • DSP control
  • Highest level of speech intelligibility and reproduction
  • Flexible and exact orientation
  • Digital power amplifiers
  • Networking
  • Flexibility through modularity
  • Light weight
  • Low power consumption and low standby current
  • Installations in accordance with EN 60849
  • Development and manufacturing are "Made in Germany"

Areas of applications

Outdoors sound reinforcement, theatre, railway stations, corporate events, airports, churches, conference facilities, lecture halls, museums, parliaments, sports facilities, speech applications, etc.


Pan Beam Product Family


The Pan Beam product family is available in several versions. Each family member differs from each other in terms of its individual physical parameters. These parameters are well suited for corresponding application area.

The smallest steerable model of Pan Beam series is the PB04 which is suitable for small spaces. It also can be used as complement to existing installations.

The model Pan Beam PB08 is the right solution for small sound reinforcement in difficult acoustic environments.

The Pan Beam PB16 can already cover larger areas with more sound pressure and ensures a high frequency range even in the lower frequency ranges.

The Pan Beam PB24 is the right choice for highest performance requirements. It has been designed to provide an even coverage in large areas.

For challenging acoustic environments with extremely high reverberation time (e.g. 7 sec or more), the Pan Beam PB32 or Pan Beam PB40 are the ultimate problem solvers. Through its length (3, 8m-4,5m), it is possible to control low frequencies (up to 40 Hz) in optimal way.

PB224/PB248 has been developed for larger, acoustically difficult spaces, where a higher sound pressure with extended frequency is required.

The PB S-208 expands the spectrum of DSP-controlled Pan Beam columns, providing a high sound quality in the musicality. A homogeneous sound is guaranteed even at high levels or in the lowest frequency ranges.


Pan Beam Network

In a Pan Beam network, up to 256 Pan Beam can be operated simultaneously. Using the software, up to 4 networks can currently be monitored and controlled. This shows a total of 1024 devices for one installation. During an installation, the Pan Beams can be for example monitored and controlled by a media control.


Pan Beam - Background

The word “Pan” comes from Greek Mythology and means all-encompassing. “Beam” means radiance. To summarize, it can be said that, the sound transmission can be acoustically and electrically variable and oriented in a specific auditorium. Thereby, the listeners can be provided with an outstanding acoustic without any annoying reflections. Similar to a flashlight beam, the acoustic information’s is defined and targeted directly to the auditorium.


The difference

What makes the difference between Pan Beam products and the other products?

We focus on giving the Pan Beam speakers the best possible speech intelligibly and a high quality of musical performance. Pan Beam loudspeakers range has achieved renown due to the homogeneous of the sound dispersion as well as the naturalness of speech intelligibility.

Pan Beam products are by far the lightest models in the acoustic world. They are completely weatherproof (also in IP65 version available; salt and water resistant) and they show the best energy balance along with the lowest standby power consumption. This makes them an economic and robust partner, not only in the fixed installations.

The speakers are manufactured following the stringent European directives and thereby ensure a consistently high quality. No need to specify that all Pan Beam products pass through a 100% burn-in-test.