Pan Acoustics

We are pleased to welcome during the prolight+sound show in Frankfurt at our booth C50 in Hall 3.1 from 4th to 7th of April 2017. Our highlights are:

Pan Beam Series with DANTE

The Dante option offers some interesting features: for example, Pan Beam columns can be operated with two independent audio streams with a sampling frequency of up to 192 kHz. The priority circuit in the Pan Beam columns allows automatic switchover of the audio source, for instance switching between program and announcement signals. Pan Acoustics' Dante option provides a primary and secondary port, which can be used in redundant or daisy-chain mode. The latter enables other compatible Dante devices, such as a digital stagebox, to be added into the network. Pan Beam models can be set and monitored via the Dante audio network (directivity, EQ, delay,etc) Switching presets, saved in the Pan Beam column speakers, is also possible.

Pan Beam PB 224 and PB S-118

Loud and clear: these two words describe the model PB 224 from the Pan Beam series. The two-way active line speaker provides a very rich sound. The cascadable High power system delivers up to a 130 dB SPL. The PB 224 is popular in in- and outdoor projects. Equipped with the multi beam steering technology of Pan Acoustics, it offers a typical throw of 50 meters. Colour and length can be variably adapted to the project request.

The portfolio of the speaker systems is complemented in the low frequency range by the active subwoofer PB S-118 from the Pan Beam series, which is due to its high power (up to 2.5 kW) ideal in combination with the PB 224. The PB S-118 has a link allowing you to operate a second passive woofer as the P S-118. The PB S-118 is available as well as the PB 224 with the Dante interface.

Pan Powerline

The worldwide unique system Pan Powerline is a technology created by Pan Acoustics GmbH.

Pan Powerline is a technical innovation. The function combines the latest transmission technology with already existing wiring. In case of renewals, there is no need for new wires to be set-up. Outdated audio system can be easily brought to the latest technology without existing cables are being removed or replaced.

Pan Powerline means the transmission of audio signals, control data and power supply via two electrical wires. The two-wire-system in its capacity as transfer medium can almost be applicable for any purpose. Only the ohmic resistance should allow the electricity power. This means that old cables such as bell-wire or 100V-cable can be used further.

A Pan Powerline system consists of a master unit called Central Control Unit (CCU). This central unit mixes the audio input signals with control data and the power supply together. A CCU can manage up to four Powerline loudspeakers. Several types of speakers such as PB 08-PPL or PB 04-PPL can be connected to a line while each speaker can be adjusted through various parameters e.g. frequency response, beam steering and delay. An integration of the system within a media control is also possible.  The speaker can be arranged and operated in star-shaped system, in a star-daisy chain or in a daisy chain wiring.