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Applications for voice evac systems

Pan Speaker EN54 Series

The new products in the Pan Speaker EN54 series have been developed by Pan Acoustics for application in voice alarm systems and certified according to 54-24 Type B. The passive 100V speakers consist of a weatherproof aluminum enclosure and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The passive speakers in the Pan Speaker EN54 series can detect a pilot tone fed into the 100V line and display its signal via an externally visible LED.

The Pan Speaker EN54 is equipped with high-quality 3.5" HQ broadband drivers. All speakers are geared for optimal speech intelligibility and high sound quality, also making them perfectly suited for background music. Through their strong sound focusing in the vertical beam direction, the speakers are also ideally suited for use in acoustically challenging rooms with long reverberation times.

The P 08-EN54 speaker offers passive beam steering. The main beam direction is tilted by -4°. This enables vertical mounting of the speakers, thus ensuring optimal sound distribution across the respective listening area.

The Pan Speake EN54 is available in lengths of 50 cm and 90 cm. Upon request, the speakers can be delivered in RAL and special colors.

>>Data sheet Pan Speaker P 08-EN54


The Pan Beam series speakers can be used in voice alarm systems according to EN 50849. Product certification according to the EN 54 standard is currently not possible, as there still is no product standard from this series for active column speakers.
EN 50849 is a system standard which specifies the performance requirements for electro-acoustic devices for deployment in electro-acoustic emergency warning systems.

The Pan Beam series meets and exceeds the requirements of EN 50849:

>> White Paper Pan Beam EN 50849 Integration