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As manufacturer of innovative solutions and speakers for audio transmission, we have a varied product portfolio for different applications. In addition to the active and passive speakers for the classical AV and the rental sector, we manufacture loudspeakers for applications in toughest climatic environments (e.g. mining, salty environments, etc.)

All our products are Made in Germany!

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Pan Con V3
Pan Con V3

For Pan Beam Network - control up to 256 Pan Beam Units

The Pan Con - USB-RS485 converter is required for the connection and the programming of all Pan Beam products. After connecting the Pan Con to the USB port of the computer, it becomes easy to control and monitor all Pan Beam speakers with the Pan Beam Setup Software. In addition the Pan Con is required to connect the audio signal of the inputs A and B to the speaker using the Pan Beam network. For this purpose, the Pan Con has two XLR type input connectors.

Error messages from the Pan Beam network can be send via the alarm contacts.

technical Data

  • 2x XLR Input
  • 1x RJ 45 Pan Beam Network Connector
  • 1x USB (B) PC Connection
  • 1x Alarm contact for monitor options e.g. media control system

The Pan Con is designed, developed and manufactured with high-quality materials according to strict criteria by Pan Acou-stics in Germany.