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As manufacturer of innovative solutions and speakers for audio transmission, we have a varied product portfolio for different applications. In addition to the active and passive speakers for the classical AV and the rental sector, we manufacture loudspeakers for applications in toughest climatic environments (e.g. mining, salty environments, etc.)

All our products are Made in Germany!

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P S-208
P S-208
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  • RAL Colour Option

Churches, Theatre, Mosque, Museum, Live Sound, Train stations, Airports, Sports grounds, Conference rooms, Auditorium, Shopping center, A/V Installations

The PB S-208 is a passive high-performance subwoofers in a high-quality structure housing. It is characterized by an unobtrusive design, a genuine and deep bass response. The P S-208 can be operated individually or in various Cardioidapplications. The P S-208 incorporates two 8 "HQ-bass speakers. Some adjustments could be made on its top by means of screw thread to fix a distance pipe if necessary. The housing is designed as a band-pass filter and is available in all RAL colors, the standard color is black - textured finish. The P S-208 is equipped with two NL4 connectors and a signal switch. The switch allows the speaker to be operated either on NL4 1 +/- or 2 +/-.


Genuine and deep bass response, integrated protection circuits, unobtrusive design,

All Pan Speaker speakers are designed, developed with high-quality materials and manufactured according to strict criteria by Pan Acoustics in Germany.


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