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As manufacturer of innovative solutions and speakers for audio transmission, we have a varied product portfolio for different applications. In addition to the active and passive speakers for the classical AV and the rental sector, we manufacture loudspeakers for applications in toughest climatic environments (e.g. mining, salty environments, etc.)

All our products are Made in Germany!

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P 04-EN54
P 04-EN54
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Churches, Mosque, Museum, Hotels, University, Live Sound, Train stations, Airports, Sports grounds, Par-liament, Conference rooms, Auditorium, Shopping centre, A/V Installations

The Pan Speaker P 04-EN54 is a passive speaker mounted in an attractive compact design which is suitable for speech and music applications in EN 54 applications. The loudspeaker is equipped with four 3.5“ HQ drivers content in a closed aluminium housing. The housing can be delivered in all RAL colours on customer’srequest. The chassis are protected against external influences by a perforated metal sheet.  There is a cable gland connection at the back of the P 04-EN54. At the back and sides of the P 04-EN54 there are nuts with adjustable slot nuts which enable wall mounts and brackets.



High efficiency, 100 V connection, switchable output power 75 W / 37,5 W / 18,8 W / 9,8 W, switchable High Pass Filter(HPF), integrated protection circuits, high speech intelligibility even in the most adverse acoustic environments, sleek and unobtrusive design.

For the Pan Speaker series there is a wide range of mounting accessories for fixed installations and mobile applications.

All Pan Speakers are developed, designed and manufactured by Pan Acoustics which uses high quality materials according to the stringent criteria.

Pan Speaker EN54