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The Pan AMT P 261-AMT | Cine


... is a passive loudspeaker with bass reflex system in an attractive, compact column design for speech and music applications. The Pan AMT 261-AMT | Cine is characterized by high detail and exquisite resolution even at the highest frequencies.

The loudspeaker contains two 6.5" HQ drivers and a specially developed AMT tweeter from Mundorf. The housing is made of aluminium and can be painted in all colours according to customer requirements. The chassis are protected from external influences by a perforated plate integrated in the design.




High efficiency, integrated protection circuit, high reproduction quality even in acoustically challenging environments, slim, unobtrusive design.

For the Pan AMT series an extensive mounting accessories range is available for permanent installation and mobile use.Cinema, Immersive Sound, Studio, Theatre, Conference rooms, Audio-Video presentation rooms,  Surround

William "Billy" King - Producer, Soundengineer and Singer

"A perfect balance across the entire frequency range - finally treble worth its name and lows that are great for that compact size of the cabinet."


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Technical specifications

Configuration:passive full-range loudspeaker with bass reflex system
Frequency response:50 Hz - 24 kHz*
Driver:2 x 6,5" + 1 x Air Motion Transformer
Power:1000 W (Peak) / 500 W (Programm)
Sensivity:95 dB 1W / 1m
Maximum SPL:127 dB @1m*
Impedance:4 ohm
Dispersion (v/h):130° / 20°
Enclosure:aluminium profil housing (powdered)
Dimensons:550 x 224 x 210 [mm]
Weight:9 kg

*anechoic halfspace conditions with DSP settings.