Pan Acoustics


Social and economic commitment

A corporate principle by Pan Acoustics is to engage active socially.

As a manufacturer of electrical appliances we choose our suppliers according to strict criteria, we have imposed on ourselves. So we are trying to strengthen the region and nearby medium-sized companies to cooperate with, to get jobs, and to create.

Short delivery distances, fast delivery times and a high manufacturing quality are important to us.

Another principle is responsible and value-driven action.

We are trying to deal with our suppliers and national and international sales fair. Fairness and respect in our opinion, is a key to the success and contributes to the increase of in corporate value and the acceptance. We maintain long-term relationships with our customers and partners.

Quality is about quantity.

Pan Acoustics provides up to 10 year warranty.

For us, a product is only good and reliable, if it does not fall out. We are therefore a perfect finish using premium components. This way we can ensure that our products even in the roughest environments a day and work out. This approach gives us right and we can look first delivered Pan beam models pride on the, which always reliably work since the date of delivery, for more than 10 years. So we contribute with efficient use of valuable raw materials to a reduction of recyclable materials.

The result is that we manufacture project and order.

We have structured our manufacturing processes so that we quickly and on time can produce the order situation and if necessary new regulations and directives. We have the opportunity of each time to respond to special customer requests and to deliver them on time.

Quality promise

Each finished product undergoes a 100% burn-in test with us. This means that each product before the delivery of various quality tests is subjected. So we can sort out already possibly defective devices before delivery. The customer should get only working devices and have long delight.

Holistic approach

In the development of new products and product families, we consider, to whom can the product be useful and where it can be used. The idea of the system is available through each development. Only sophisticated products with added value for the user are products that we want to produce for us. We care already in the development process in operation, handling, size, weight, durability and sound quality, the environmental friendliness of our products is a matter of course for us. All of the components we include in a product are co-ordinated and to achieve the best possible performance.