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The business unit manufacturer develops, manufactures and distributes high quality audio solutions that technology and design interconnect. For more information about our products please visit our product page (link to product overview)


In the consulting, we analyze rooms and building acoustics and develop together with our business partners corresponding electro-acoustic solutions.



Pan Acoustics is a specialist in many fields such as measurement, analysis, control electronics, and transmission technology. We consider ourselves as a helper who develops solutions for complex challenges.


We advice customers on all matters relating to acoustics, as each room has individual sound characteristics. Take advantage of our professional advices and support, especially if your room sounds too reverberant, spiky or dull. We offer you best quality solutions for optimal and unique sound experience.

Room acoustics

In room acoustics, we investigate the acoustic quality of a room. The room acoustics is a part of the science of sound and therefore deals with acoustic phenomena in confined areas.

Building acoustics

In building acoustics, we deal with the sound insulation between outdoor and indoor rooms as well as between the different rooms indoor.

With special acoustic measurement systems, we analyze the room acoustics directly on site. We analyze the reverberation time, speech intelligibility, clarity index, side and bass sound level ratio. The results serve as basis to improve the acoustic to an outstanding sound experience.


Together with our contracting entity, we develop special designs and solutions. And because we are taking our job very seriously, we use all components required by the customers’ desires.

Own developments

We have successfully achieved numerous projects on behalf of our customers in the industry field.

Projects in this topic areas:


Volkswagen AG
Siemens AG
Preform AG Schweiz
SAM electronics Hamburg
TU Braunschweig
Funkwerk AG
Autosignalsystems Hannover
Industronic Wertheim
Bentley / Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S