Pan Acoustics


Pan Acoustics is successful in business as a manufacturer of innovative sound systems and digital audio solutions for 15 years. We live the idea of CSR (corporate social responsibility) and regularly invest in staff, training, and technical progress. Like the proverb: "Who stops, rusts." The aim of us is to develop, manufacture and distribute innovative and creative audio solutions for different application environments.

"MADE in Germany" is not just a term, for us it is a philosophy.

"The secret of success is understanding the point of view of the other."

- Henry Ford

The Staff

The employees of a company are the backbone.

A healthy and stable backbone is a must to be economical and technologically active.

Employees of Pan Acoustics is characterized by high level of motivation and expertise with predominantly technical scientific training:

  • Programming of microprocessors, digital signal processors(DSP)
  • Competence in the schematic and board layout creation
  • years of experience in commissioning and testing of complex hardware and software
  • VDE award, instructor license, first-class diploma theses

Together, the staff pursue the objectives to improve constantly and to go with the signs of the times. Innovation is not a foreign Word for us, but will live with us.

The Founder

"Music and sound, this is my world" (Udo Borgmann)

From childhood, Udo Borgmann is fascinated by music. He learned to play piano and completed his Abitur in music and Latin. Started law school may not captivate the young students, and so he saddles to on electrical engineering. In audio engineering, he feels at home and financed the studies with piano lessons.

With much ambition and creativity, he combines electronics and microprocessors to elements of the audiophile sound reproduction.

The profession is to appeal. The enthusiasm for music and precise sound move him more and more. Meanwhile, the Chopin lover Udo Borgmann calls his own a numerous of patents.

Based on musicological knowledge he creates new sound media with his team.

Pan Beam, Pan Surround and Pan Powerline are some of them.