Rope Bridge Harz Mountains, Germany

Weatherproof installation in the Harz Mountains


Best speech intelligibility in wind and weather with thrill guarantee

Crystal clear outdoor announcements provide information and even save lives in an emergency:
Weatherproof loudspeakers you can rely on at any time of the year. Harzdrenalin

The Harz – a diverse low mountain range in the heart of Germany

Mountains are the exception rather than the rule in northern Germany. As a low mountain range, the Harz therefore enjoys great popularity among young and old. Those who are looking for action rather than relaxation and hiking routes will, however, also get their money’s worth in the Harz: Harzdrenalin is a place close to the Brocken where – the name says it all – you can pump up your adrenaline. Whether it is swinging like a pendulum from a height of 75 metres on the Gigaswing, sliding down head first on a wire rope 120 metres above the Rappbode Dam on the Megazipline or – if you prefer it a little bit slower – walking over the 458-metre-long steel rope bridge on foot, there is an attraction for everyone.

Reliable and clearly intelligible PA announcements as a safety aspect

To ensure utmost safety, the steel bridge with the resounding name “Titan-RT” is equipped with a public address system comprising a total of 20 loudspeakers along the bridge. Visitors are informed about necessary safety measures at regular intervals. “The trailer can be heard crystal clear over the entire bridge,” says Stefan Berke, who manages Harzdrenalin GmbH together with his brother Maik.

SIf necessary, visitors can be instructed to walk in a particular direction by means of corresponding announcements. When choosing the right sound system, two key requirements had therefore to be met:

„Since best speech intelligibility and precise sound reinforcement over a large open area were required here, we needed loudspeakers that can focus the sound on the suspension bridge in a targeted manner,” explains Jan Röder from the system integrator and Pan Acoustics sales partner VST who planned and carried out the installation.

Weatherproof loudspeakers with IP65 protection rating

„What is more, the weather, which can be quite harsh in the cold months, should not be able to harm the system.” This is why, the Berke brothers, Managing Directors of Harzdrenalin, opted for a weatherproof variant from Pan Acoustics’ Pan Speaker series with IP65 protection rating, which promises durability and quality “Made in Germany”. “We are completely satisfied with the installation. The sound is flawless and the cooperation with VST was professional and smooth at all times,” says Stefan Berke.

Not only speech, but also music is reproduced perfectly

And the best thing is that the loudspeakers are not only designed for speech transmission, but are also very musical: background music can thus make the walk across the suspension bridge a real highlight. For more information on the Harzdrenalin attractions and the steel bridge, visit and

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Outdoor sound system for voice announcements in Harz mountains
Weatherproof loudspeakers for outdoor sound reinforcement from Pan Acoustics in IP65
Outdoor Sound System  IP65 Harzdrenalin Hanging Bridge

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