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96-channel audio system for the Braunschweig State Theatre

Made for drama and opera

The State Theatre Braunschweig with its three venues is the oldest public multi-genre theatre in Germany. The main venue called “Großes Haus”, was opened in 1861 and today has a seating capacity of around 900 guests, distributed over three tiers in addition to the seats in the stalls.

Pan Acoustics installed a 96-channel audio system for flexible, active adjustment of the reverberation in the Braunschweig State Theatre. The audio system allows the theatre to adjust to the reverberation time from one to four seconds for different music and speech performances at the touch of a button. In doing so, the system sounds as natural as if the room was made for each performance.

Fascinating sound in the Red Hall

Feast for the ears thanks to P 261-AMT | Event

Straight under the roof of the Braunschweig Castle, the Red Hall is one of the most popular cultural venues in the City of Lions. Music, literature, theatre or movies - there is something for everyone.

For concerts - whether classical, jazz or rock - a sound system is available that can be used and heard in a variety of ways. The use of P 261-AMT | Event, 2-way loudspeakers of first-class quality with an AMT tweeter unit from Mundorf, ensures precise high-frequency reproduction and natural sound. The sound system is rounded off with several 18'' subwoofers to let it rumble properly.

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