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Museumsinsel Berlin relies on design loudspeakers

Clear announcements in the James Simon Gallery despite reverberant concrete walls

Digitally controllable line array speakers from the Pan Beam series were the solution for the sound reinforcement in the entrance building and visitor center of the Museumsinsel Berlin, which is designed with many glass and concrete elements. This is a treat for the eye from an architectural point of view, but quite challenging for the room acoustics.

Above to the great sound, suited not only for voice announcements but also for music reproduction, the architects from David Chipperfield Architects were particularly impressed by the slim and unobtrusive design of the line array. The geometric shape, the filigree manufacture and the color of the loudspeakers, which matches the furnishings, blend harmoniously into the James Simon Gallery. The speakers were also integrated into the voice alarm system without any problems.

The complete project report can be found here: Pan Case Study

Pan Beam in Portuguese shopping center

A place for shopping and culture

The Alegro Setúbal adventure center on the west coast of Portugal, combines various elements offering ambience and life. Families and friends come together to stroll, shop, have fun and discover a place where they can find everything you need.

Alegro Setúbal is surrounded by dynamic and cosmopolitan architecture, and at the same time it is a commercial and social area for people who want to make the most of their lives.

Thanks to the installation of line source loudspeakers from the Pan Beam series, including a subwoofer, there is acoustically excellent speech intelligibility and natural sound with powerful sound pressure levels. These are the best premises for family events such as concerts or other cultural performances that round off the shopping experience or a visit to a bistro in Alegro Setúbal.

Audio technology for renowned scholarly society

Académie française in Paris understands every word

The French scholarly society "Académie française" is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions in the intellectual and cultural life of France. Officially founded in 1635 by Cardinal Richelieu, the Académie française's mission is to unify and cultivate the French language.

The society has 40 members, known as the Immortals, who are elected for life. The Academy meets in Paris at the Collège des Quatre-Nations, the "College of the Four Nations," and is now one of five academies of the Institute de France. There are currently 150 full members, 300 corresponding members and 120 foreign associates.

To ensure an excellent level of speech intelligibility and powerful music reproduction, an installation of line source speakers from the Pan Beam series was chosen in the academy, which also blend perfectly into the rooms.

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