References from the Area of Outdoor Sound

Weatherproof installation in the Harz Mountains

Best speech intelligibility in wind and weather with thrill guarantee

The operators of “Harzdrenalin” - the world's longest steel bridge of its kind - rely on good sound and safety: Via line array speakers from the Pan Speaker series in weather-resistant design, visitors receive safety information that can be clearly understood over the entire length of the bridge. Only the bridge is covered by sound. Nature and surrounding areas are spared from noise pollution.

And the best thing is: as the loudspeakers are not only designed for speech transmission, but are also extremely musical, the walk across the suspension bridge with background music becomes a real highlight.

Great sound in big heat

Pan Beam line array mounted on giant screen

At the foot of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, at 828 meters, there are two incredibly large screens that were considered the world's largest outdoor displays of its time.

The screens are attached to a glass tunnel connecting the shopping mall at the Burj Khalifa and the adjacent metro station. One of the screens points towards the city center.

Size adapted, cascaded, active two-way loudspeakers were installed on the right and left for the screen as the sound system. These provide a consistent strong sound pressure level over a distance of 100 meters and reliably withstand the high temperatures of almost 50 °C in the United Arab Emirates without any problems.

Line array in opencast mining defies dust and weather conditions

Reliable warning signals thanks to weatherproof line array

Vattenfall is one of the largest energy providers in Europe. The Swedish energy company plans to completely phase out the use of fossil energy by 2030.

We at Pan Acoustics as a family-owned company that focuses on sustainability and conservation of resources, welcome Vattenfall's decision!

In an opencast lignite mine currently still operated by Vattenfall, an extraordinarily large excavator is used to transport the coal. Safety is of the utmost importance here. In order to protect open-cast miners, a weatherproof, active line emitter is mounted on the excavator, which warns the employees with appropriate signals when approaching.

Händel, year in year out

Pan Beam installation enchants visitors at Hannover's Herrenhäuser Gardens

In the center of Hannover's famous Herrenhäuser Gardens, you can find the centerpiece of the “Great Garden”: a circular fountain with a bell-shaped cupola. The impressive waterworks are accompanied musically by Georg Friedrich Händel's Wassermusik. The sound system is aimed directly towards the fountain and offers guests to the garden an unforgettable experience.

The weatherproof speakers are kept in green color to match the surroundings and are barely noticeable among the avenues of trees. The music is transported evenly and without loss throughout the garden.

Home run with great sound in front of 20,000 spectators

Taiwanese baseball stadium with weatherproof sound system

The baseball stadium in Tianmu, a suburb of Taiwan's capital Taipei, was the main baseball venue for the 2017 Universiade, the largest international sporting event after the Olympic Games. In addition, the stadium features the only baseball field in Taipei City.

Line array P 08-Pi loudspeakers from the Pan Speaker Series were chosen to provide sound reinforcement for the 20,000-seat stadium. The loudspeakers are characterized by a homogeneous frequency response, sonic naturalness for music and speech in far and near field applications. For this installation all P 08-Pi were manufactured in the weatherproof version to withstand adverse weather conditions. The loudspeaker cabinets are powder-coated in a special color following the customer's wishes so that they blend harmoniously into the stadium.

Ten passive column loudspeakers of the Pan Speaker Series from Pan Acoustics are grouped together and assigned to individual zones of the audience area. Each area can be adjusted in level and required delay independently. This results in a homogeneous and consistent sound image. The final result in terms of sound pressure even exceeded the target originally set! At a listening distance of ten meters between the audience and the loudspeaker, 90 dB SPL was required; the installed sound reinforcement system achieves an average of over 95 dB SPL.

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