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Best speech intelligibility in the Altenburg district office

Mobile loudspeakers broadcast into the foyer

The “Landratsamt Altenburg” is the administrative headquarters of the district Altenburg located in eastern Thuringia, Germany and was built between 1892 and 1895. The beautiful “Landscape Hall” is not only used for meetings of the county council, but also for festive events, concerts and conferences and has now received an update with the latest audio and video technology.

The task of Pan Acoustics' partner VST was, among other things, to integrate AV technology into this listed room without making any structural changes. The challenging acoustic conditions were particularly demanding. The task was solved with two P 08-R line array speakers (Rental Version) from the Pan Speaker series in RAL 9005 and an optimal sonic result achieved. The special feature of the Pan Speaker in the rental version is the even more flexible connectivity of the passive speaker, thanks to the 4-pin speakON connector: A selector switch can be used to conveniently switch between the two channels 1&2 and, if required, the installation can be supported with a subwoofer extension.

Best speech intelligibility and natural sound!

You can find more information about the project on the website of our partner VST here.

Relaxed learning in the Audimax of TU Dortmund

Beam steering and high sound pressure from the first to the last row

Founded in 1968 during the decline of the coal and steel industries, Dortmund University of Technology is located in the Ruhr region of western Germany, the fourth largest urban area in Europe. Almost 35,000 students attend TU Dortmund, which is known for its research achievements in the fields of production engineering, economics, materials engineering, educational and computer science.

To ensure the best possible sound, the large auditorium was equipped with four compact and powerful Pan Beam PB 224 line source loudspeakers, allowing students to hear evenly and comfortably from the first to the last row.

Directed sound under the dome

Holding intelligible meetings in the Parliament of Angola

The Parliament of Angola, called the National Assembly, represents all citizens of Angola alongside the President and the Courts in the Constitution of the Central African State. The National Assembly is a unicameral parliament and comprises 220 delegates. The 2010 constitution includes the principle of separation of powers.

The construction of the parliament building in Luanda, which began in 2010, was completed in 2014 and is particularly notable for its massive domed roof. The central building measures 65,000 square meters and includes the circular central building, which houses the plenary chamber and the assembly hall. The six floor building includes two underground floors, housing parking and technical equipment.

First-class speech and sound quality is provided by the installed Pan Beam line arrays, which direct the sound to where it is needed only. The speakers were conveniently and easily adjusted using the supplied, intuitive "Pan Beam Setup" software.

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