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Monastery church in Saalfeld with directive sound

Acoustic challenge solved respecting monument protection

In 1265, the Franciscan monastery in Saalfeld, Germany, was mentioned for the first time. In the course of the Reformation, the Franciscans left the monastery and the town in 1534. Over the following centuries until the World War I, the monastery was used as a school; today it houses a museum, among other things.

The Franciscan monastery has been almost completely preserved and is one of the most important architectural monuments in the state of Thuringia. It has been completely renovated and is now in public use. The town of Saalfeld was awarded the Thuringian Monument Protection Prize for this project in 2000.

The monastery church with its baroque ceiling design has a sound reinforcement system with active, digitally controllable line array speakers from the Pan 2-Line series, which were installed in a manner appropriate to the monument and in especially matched color. The electronics with powerful signal processors direct the sound to the desired audience areas, thus ensuring perfect speech intelligibility. If concerts take place in the monastery church, subwoofers are conveniently switched on.

You can find out more about the project from our partner VST.

Second largest church in Berlin receives sound system in accordance with preservation orders

Existing cables continued to be used in Kreuzberg's St. Thomas Church

St. Thomas Church was designed and built between 1865 and 1869 by Friedrich Adler. After the Berlin Cathedral, it is the largest church in Berlin, which is particularly striking because of its dome with a height of 56 meters as well as the two 48 meter high towers. The interior of St. Thomas has high ceilings and long reverberation times. The wish of the church congregation was to get a sound system that offers flexibility and perfect speech and music reproduction and can be used for various applications such as prayers or lectures.

As part of this, the church was equipped with a Pan 2-Line system, using the existing 100V cable system for the new main sound system. The side aisle has a new cable system on a two-wire basis, which can be used to supply power to further Pan 2-Line line arrays.

Pan Beam at Exeter College

Modern sound system in a time-honored building

Exeter College was founded in 1314 and is one of the oldest and most established colleges of the University of Oxford in England. Today more than 450 students study a variety of subjects in natural sciences and humanities at the historic site.

The Exeter College building is dominated by the large chapel, which was built in the Victorian Gothic style in 1850. The chapel is also known for its colorful windows depicting biblical scenes.

Due to the acoustic challenge, line array speakers from the Pan Beam series with Beam Steering technology are used in Exeter College.

Pan 2-Line in Leipzig's St. Boniface Church

Successful acoustics in the dome building

Challenging acoustic conditions and monument protection - two things that seem difficult to reconcile when it comes to renewing the sound system in a church. This is especially true when talking about a round building with a domed ceiling, as in this case.

Nevertheless, the Leipzig parish church, which dates back to 1929, reached maximum speech intelligibility by installing active loudspeakers from the Pan Beam series with Pan 2-Line technology. Due to the directional sound produced by the Beam Steering Technology, the "Word of God" arrives exactly where it is supposed to - regardless of whether listeners are positioned in a front row, to the side or in the very back. Unwanted reflections and disturbing reverberation are being reduced to a minimum.

The special feature: Pan 2-Line technology defies heritage restrictions and limited options for new cable runs. The cabling of the two existing loudspeaker columns could be re-used and the Pan P2L line array speakers could be effortlessly integrated using the same wires.

Corpus Christi congregation in Berlin opts for a two-wire solution

New sound from old cables

The church of the Roman Catholic parish Ss. Corpus Christi in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, is one of the largest Catholic churches in Berlin. The church with its bright design, consists of a nave, a gallery with organ and a high altar. The design concept is ideal for the reproduction of organ and choir music, but causes long reverberation times and making intelligible speech a challenge.

The installation of the audio system with Pan 2-Line technology, consists of 4 x Pan PB 08-P2L and 4 x Pan Beam PB 04-P2L speakers. The sound system now allows intelligible church services thanks to the active, digitally controllable line array speakers. Via the Pan DSP, built into the loudspeakers, the systems can be focused to the audience areas. The installation of the system was straight forward, as the Pan 2-Line technology allows the new digital speakers to be integrated directly using the existing cabling and eliminating the need for running new wires or opening walls.

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