Parliament Magdeburg

Pan Beam loudspeakers provide sound for the state parliament in Magdeburg


In the parliament of Saxony-Anhalt in Magdeburg, products from the Pan Beam and Pan Speaker series ensure high speech intelligibility. The building with its bourgeois-baroque façade, in which the parliament of Saxony-Anhalt has been meeting since 1991, has been completely modernized architecturally and technically.

In the plenary hall, Siemens AG 2014 installed two active and digitally controllable Pan Beam PB 32s in the back of the speaker. Originally, loudspeakers mounted next to each other on the ceiling provided the sound for the hall. Frequency ranges overlapped to the detriment of speech intelligibility. Now, the direction of the speaker's gaze and speech correspond to the perception of the electro-acoustically reproduced words. Two PB 08s serve the presidium, four of the same type serve the front rows with proven beam steering technology, and two more sound lines installed on the ceiling serve the stands. Two passive Pan Speakers P 01-Pi are used as monitor speakers.

Visually inconspicuous, the sound lines blend charmingly into the architecture of the plenary hall thanks to their matching colours and attractive design.

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