Culture House De Warande

A room accutsics system as diverse as the cultural program


The De Warande House of Culture in Turnhout, Belgium, has an extremely multifunctional hall thanks to the ACS system. The sound engineer simply selects the appropriate button for drama, opera, chamber music, symphony orchestra, choir or any other event and the appropriate acoustics are guaranteed.

ACS has been installed in many different venues, large and small, to improve the acoustics for performers and audience and to make the acoustics variable. The desired acoustics at the push of a button. ACS can make rooms more reverberant, add early energy for clarity and detail, improve the acoustical intimacy of larger halls, make halls suited for multiple applications, create a true concert halls at a places you would not expect, etc.

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Acoustic Control System Turnhout
Acoustic Control System Turnhout
Acoustic Control System Turnhout