Pan Acoustics


Our Pan Beam products have been successful and reliable for more than 10 years both in indoor and outdoor applications, nationally and internationally. The Pan Beam series is the first choice for demanding room acoustics.

Together with our contracting entity and on request, we develop special designs and solutions. And because we are taking our job very seriously, we use all components required by the customers’ desires.

Some of the places where Pan Beam products have been installed:

Airport Charles de Gaulle France


Paris, France

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Several PB 16 and PB 08 with ambient noise microphones provide flawless announcements which volume is set up according to the visitor flow. The fact that at night there are less people in the hall is taken into consideration and we contribute therefore to the people’s health and safety.



Audimax TU Berlin


Berlin, Germany

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Ten PB 24 rods with special lengths blend in harmoniously with the auditorium that happens to be a listed building. A surround arrangement has been chosen in order to support the surround sound more efficiently.



Audimax MAX TU Dortmund


Dortmund, Germany

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The large auditorium was equipped with four PB 224, enabling an excellent listening from the first row to the last, making the class more enjoyable for the participants.



Bank of France


Paris, France

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The high-grad building and its high quality interior equipment was set up with sixteen PB 08 models. Due to its delicate appearance, the Pan Beam series blends in harmoniously with the elegant design.



Mosque, Touba Senegal


Touba, Senegal / Africa

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In summer, up to 55° C can be reached in the shade. The mosque, built entirely of marble, was provided with 35 Pan Beam modules in different configurations.



Open-pit coal mine

Industrial outdoor application

East Germany

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Even in the harshest industrial environments, the Pan Beam PB 08 with IP65 protection, provide many years of reliable service. The Pan Beam PB 08 can be operated even at temperatures of -30° C and can resist strong vibrations on the conveyor belt.

Town hall Hannover

Public Building

Hannover, Germany

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 Two PB32 were installed behind the speaker’s desk, left and right. The fine dispersion allows a perfect listening without acoustics feedback. A total of 64 microphones were set up. It was a big challenge.

Biennale Venice


Venice, Italy

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Six PB224 were installed in different rooms of the large area. The models provide an enhancement of the music, associated with high homogeneous sound pressure.



The Squaire - Airport Frankfurt

Office Building, Shopping Mall

Frankfurt, Germany

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Pan Acoustics provide high-rise building with 26 Pan Beam PB 16 loudspeakers, filling in the large atrium with outstanding and powerful sound. The speakers are also used for emergency evacuation. All PB 16 are equipped with an additional 24V DC module to keep the system in operational readiness in case of power failure. The system is controlled and managed via Bosch Praesideo-central system.



Dubai Mall

Outdoor Installation

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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The outdoor installation of the Pan beam PB 248 took place under the 828m high tower Burj Kalifa. Four models were set up on the right and the left side of the world’s largest outdoor display. In this region, the temperatures can reach 50° C in the shade.



St. Stephans Basilica Budapest


Budapest, Hungary

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Several Pan Beam PB 16 models ensure excellent speech intelligibility in architecturally very challenging Basilica. Individual coloring enables a perfect blending of the Pan Beam system with the marble walls.

Goethe University Frankfurt Campus Westend


Frankfurt, Germany

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From the partnership with “BFE studio” and “Medien Systeme GmbH”, 64 Pan Beam PB 04 and 30 Pan Beam PB 08 were set up in several media rooms.


Pan Speaker Series deals with Sound at the Berner Münster Church


Bern, Swiss

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Berner Münster Church has installed a new Pan Acoustics audio system to reduce reverb times in the medieval church. The church was dedicated to St. Vincent of Saragossa in the late Middle Ages, and is the largest late-medieval church in Switzerland. It was completed in the 19th century after the emergence of Historicism and was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1983.

The audio system dates back to the 1980s and needed to be completely replaced to reduce the six second reverberation time of the old system. The target for the new system was 0.6 seconds with an emphasis on intelligibility in speech and music. To achieve this Berne-based installers Kilchenmann AG were awarded the contract.

They fitted 33 passive Pan Beam PB 8-15 slim loudspeakers due to their aesthetics as well as performance. In addition they also have wide coverage of the audience area (140°) and offer versatile mounting options, weighing just 5kg.

The signal processing and distribution was handled by Symetrix DSP’s used with Dante modules.

The system can be controlled from two locations. The requirement here was to achieve multiple defaults, switch zones and regulate input and output volume. Kilchenmann turned to Symetrix and programmed SymVue surfaces for the corresponding touchscreen panels.

Kirchenraum von Corpus Christi Berlin mit Beschallungsanlage mit Powerlinetechnologie von Pan Acoustics

Pan Powerline - New sound from old cables


Berlin, Germany

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The project was supported by the catholic church Ss. Corpus Christi in cooperation with the engineering office Andreas Karsten. The engineering office which headquarters is located in Berlin, is spezialized in the planning of electro-acoustics and media control installations. Its field of expertise include sport halls, event halls, theaters and acoustic difficult environments such as churches. The  speaker systems were supplied and installed by Pan Acoustics from Wolfenbüttel, supported by the parish community.


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Sound created by prime number

Audiovisual installation



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G.F.B.R.L.W.W.V.H.C.W.M.J.L.A.M.B. is an audiovisual composition of 5449 seconds, in which sound and image of movement are not simultaneous. It is the result of mutliple transformations, by three musicians and three dancers, of a lineal handwritten series of prime numbers onto three librettos. Each libretto was individually interpreted by three musicians (Piano, Cello and Violin) and then by three dancers. Each interpreter created their own personal "system" in translating the numerical series based on their discipline. Afterwards the audio of those six interpretations were individually and independently recorded. The audio has been independetly played through 6 speakers. The video shows the improvisation of the dancers while they were hearing the musical transformations for the first time. The capital letters of the title refers to distinguished person who gave a contribution to philosophy of language.

Meeting Room in Glass

Pan Beam creates crystal clear sound in Nestlés Meeting Room

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The conference room at the French headquarters of Nestlé in the size of 20 x 6 meters is entirely made of glass. This particular architecture was a big challenge, demanding needs for optimal sound at telephone conferences, Seminars and Workshops. From the Pan Beam series the PB 08, PB 04 and a subwoofer proved to be capable to control these demanding circumstances.

“ The glass walls were causing a reverberation of five seconds”, Bruno Ghidionesco of Audio Lead who installed the speakers from Wolfenbüttel together with Agelec at Nestlé reported.  “After comparing with other manufacturers the choice for the products of Pan Acoustics was very clear”.  “With the sophisticated beam steering technology the sound reaches the listeners directly and the excessive reflections on the reverberant glass surfaces could be avoided”.

Not only for the ears but surely also for the eye, the products are a real treat! The high-quality Pan Beam speakers with their slim aluminum housings fit optically perfectly in the modern design of the glass space.

Audi-Pavilion equipped with sound system by Pan Acoustics


Wolfsburg / Autostadt, Deutschland

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It´s all about design and dynamic in the Audi Pavillion at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. The so-called Audi Spere, a "interaction ball, allows the visiter to involve to the exhibition. Thus, not only exhibits can be activated, but also the colour of light changes with the guests on their way through the pavillion.

In this concept the passive loudspeakers are well integrated, installed beside and rearward to a 3 x 3 mtr. seamless Videowall. In front of the wall, were presentations and concept studies are shown, stands the latest model from Audi. "We chose Pan Acoustics products because of their visually appealing, narrow design and the good sound characteristics matches the pavillion and the requirements of the project" explains Christoph Naumann from the systemintegrator "Profi Musik" from Lüneburg, who were responsible for the installation. With two column speakers P08 from the Pan Speaker Range, nearly invisible installed in a nice next to the screen, Naumann added a subwoofer PS 208 behind. " We completed the installation with 2 Lab.Gruppen IPD amplifiers" Naumann completes.

The area itself is quit dark to display the exhibits and the interactive zones stilishly. The displayed car and the seamless videowall form the highlight of the exhibition. "The sound system is not only designd for backgound music, if required it can provide a massive sound." referred Markus Portworsnick, National Sales & Project Manager from Pan Acoustics, who supported the project. "In this way, the interaction of visual content and great sound can create great emotions."